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“Dreams and Dramas” by Ofri Cnaani 

“The idea of the uncanny was first identified by Ernst Jentsch in his 1906 essay, On the Psychology of the Uncanny, where he defines the uncanny as being a product of ‘intellectual uncertainty.’ In 1919 Freud published The Uncanny, in which he elaborates on the uncanny through aesthetic investigations…. Freud outlines circumstances that would be considered uncanny which are: animism, magic, sorcery, the omnipotence of thought, unintended repetition, the double or Doppelgänger, the castration complex, and instantaneous wish- fulfillment… These categories of the uncanny are things that provoke a suppressed primordial fear within us when we unexpectedly encounter them, resulting in an intellectual uncertainty that causes a great sense of repulsion and distress.”

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"Are You Ready? Yes I Am." by Radka Salcmannova
“Are You Ready? Yes I Am.” by Radka Salcmannova