Call for Submissions

Psychology Tomorrow Magazine explores the practice of psychology and its alternatives in all their beautiful and complex possibilities. Our mission is to provide the cutting-edge information and technology that will lead us into the future of the healing arts.

The magazine examines the work of thought-changing practitioners — academics, philosophers, writers and artists in regular columns, features, essays, profiles, interviews, and reviews, as well as showcases works by contemporary visual and performance artists who examine issues of identity, self-reflection, sexuality, consciousness, and interpersonal relationships. Work is presented through text, podcasts and videos, offering a multilevel system of experiences.


Out now! Issue #20: The Millennial Mind: The Age of Entitlement or Enlightenment

The theme of Issue #21 is – The Cutting Edge of Change: Rethinking Therapy

Some of the topics we hope to discuss are:

Ketamine Therapy

Spiritual Therapies and Practices


Harm Reduction Therapies

Holotropic Breathwork

Meditation and Yoga Therapies

Shamanistic Practices

Using Rituals in Therapy


Adventure Therapy

Animal-Assisted Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

Psychedelic Therapy

Submissions will be due in the following order:

Text/Video and Audio

To submit completed work for consideration in an upcoming issue of Psychology Tomorrow Magazine, please contact us by November 10, 2016 at


We generally cannot respond to submissions immediately. Please allow 2 weeks for a response from our editorial committee. Feel free to inquire thereafter. Thank you for your interest in joining our mission, and we look forward to your involvement in our growing community.

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