In Camp

March 25, 2015 Editor 0

The rising arc of the winter sun cast a warm geometric light upon the bedroom wall, illuminating a memory from my childhood when my mother talked about her early years in Japan. Those moments were […] […]

Defining Groundwork

December 24, 2014 admin 0

Among the many defining moments in my life, turning 40 has become the icing on the cake. I remember that turning 25 had scared me. That number plagued me with notions of adulthood. At that […] […]

Losing Myself to Healthy

October 14, 2014 admin 2

If I have the cookie, I will skip my planned snack. Oh, and I should probably walk home from work since I cut my run short this morning. But I didn’t have avocado on my […] […]

Family Mirror

August 3, 2014 Suzanne Montalalou 3

After my husband passed away twelve years ago, I knew I needed help. I was left alone to raise two children who were five and seven years old. I began counseling to help me work […] […]

The Cuddler

May 31, 2014 Anonymous 1

Yes, I Paid a Woman to Cuddle With Me In my mind’s eye, I am backstage behind a curtain while Oprah tells her studio audience they are about to meet a man who paid a […] […]


April 14, 2014 admin 0

Suicide is less an act than a tale of the soul. – M. Jouhandeau Since far back into the recesses of time, women have washed their man’s body, preparing him for the grave; they have […] […]


January 28, 2014 Adam A. Neal 3

“Fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking.” With each swear, the scissor blade hit my arms, but the pain never surfaced. I was already in too much pain for it to matter. “Fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking.” I cursed […] […]

The Way I Least Expected

November 26, 2013 Sarah Beller 5

I’m so sad and depressed I must be an artist, I thought to myself. I didn’t seem to be able to do anything else, and it seemed like the right field for someone who felt crazy. While […] […]

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