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Traditional ninja magic involves drawing nine lines in the form of a grid, and then drawing a symbol onto the grid. The nine lines are believed to represent nine energy structures, which once activated can help the magician empower the concept he is creating from the symbol drawn over the grid. The symbol is then meant to interact with reality modifying the fabric of the universe to give the desired results.

The practitioner uses the grid to create a link with the matrix of the universe, to make contact with all planes of existence, physical matter, feelings and emotions, dimensions and creative processes. Then, with concentration and will power he focuses on the symbol drawn in the grid to put new information into the cosmos. This is the sacred art of the ancient ninja and has been the fascination of ninja movie buffs and comic fans for decades. But is there any truth in it?

In traditional hypnosis visualisation uses the imagination’s creativity, thoughts and feelings to create imaginary places that can be used to contain and channel the contents of the mind in a positive way. The stronger the visualisation the more effective it usually is. Shape and colour can be especially useful visual aids in strengthening the vividness of the image. This is not unlike the methods of the original ninjas.

Photography is a far more modern powerful medium, whether in colour or black and white, in which the mastering of technique can be used to realize quite profound and creative goals. Photographic artistry and originality can produce images, whose shape, from and colour capture and inspire the imagination. Could the powerful tools of photography possibly be combined with the ancient art of ninja magic? Lets look and see.

Water connects with life, movement and the universe. It purifies the body, heart and mind.

Fire elevates the energies to a higher level. It is the energy of transformation bringing change
and renewal from complexes or blockages of the mind.

Wind is for freeing the spirit, removing limiting thoughts and giving a new broader
perception of one’s place in the universe.

Pictures need not necessarily be confined to the traditional five elements (water, wind, fire, earth, void). Imagine your spirit energy symbolised as a butterfly backlit by the full sun, or the healing power of the full moon as leaves blow across it at night, or even remember lost loved ones.

As you can see the photographs, together with a strong belief in the power of a symbol, could quite possibly be used to create a hypnotic state of mind in which the practitioner’s reality is changed to a different form and level. Perhaps this is a modern take on the traditional art of ninja magic.

Dr. Joseph Valks

Dr. Joe Valks has a Ph.d. in maths, but is also a freelance novelist and Free Digital Photos photographer. He has a 4th kyu in ninjutsu and is interested in its application to psychology and the healing and the demystification of ancient arts.

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