The Surreal Reality

October 2, 2015 Wednesday Kim 1

Wednesday Kim connects the process of making her work with images in sub-consciousness, unwelcome involuntary thoughts, trauma and sometimes, with momentary catharsis. Her works usually treat issues related to identity, human body, and sexuality. From […] […]

The Art of Commission

June 8, 2015 admin 0

Artistic commission is a tricky business. Keeping in mind the client’s wants while balancing an artistic voice is a difficult road to navigate. Dominic De Venuta, fresh from providing the cover image (among others) for […] […]

Between High and Low

June 8, 2015 Editor 0

Laura Kikauka’s work acts against the coldly conceptual aesthetic that has reigned over modern and contemporary art since the late 1960’s. It is a return to sentimental forms, nostalgic feelings, and objects imbued with personality. […] […]


March 25, 2015 Matthew Kyba 0

The series of images featured highlight a time in the artist’s childhood fraught with familial upheaval. Rather than focus on the people involved they capture on the imprint of energy left behind in the space […] […]


March 25, 2015 Editor 0

I paint and sculpt easily recognizable subjects to explore how different cultures interpret the same information. Using signifiers in imagery, I encourage the viewer to create his own narrative. A single signifier may have a […] […]

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