Stanley Siegel, LCSW – Coming Out against “Conversion Therapy”

“Richard Socarides is an openly gay attorney, writer and commentator who served as President Clinton’s senior adviser on gay rights. He also happens to be the son of Charles Socarides, one of the controversial founders of so-called gay conversion therapy… Dr. Charles Socarides thought being gay was a curable mental illness. Sadly, having a gay son didn’t change that.”

Katie McDonough | Salon |

“My name is Jacob Rudolph, and the video above is me coming out to my school as openly LGBT. I chose to come out in such a public way because LGBT youth need to know they are not alone. Now, I am asking for your help to encourage New Jersey’s governor, Chris Christie, to support a bill that would protect kids who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender from a dangerous practice.”

Jacob Rudolph | “Protect New Jersey kids from dangerous anti-gay conversion therapy”

"the rescue looked like the truth" by Bill Hayward
“the rescue looked like the truth” by Bill Hayward

“[As] gays and lesbians further assimilate into the dominant culture through winning legal rights such as marriage equality, many young people are no longer finding that categorization by sexual identity is meaningful or useful. They dispense with labels that limit behavioral freedom and instead are digging deeper to discover and embrace their true desires wherever that leads them. Their sexual partner’s gender matters less than the fulfillment of their physical and psychological desires.”

Stanley Siegel | Issue Four – Columns: “Thinking Beyond Sexual Identity

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