Odes to Lithium

October 2, 2015 Shira Erlichman 0

Ode to Lithium #107 The Summer I was wrong, or arrogant, or hopeful, I told my Psychiatrist I could be rid of you by ⅔. In fact, I’d started adjusting the dose myself. I’m being […]


October 2, 2015 Kim Addonizio 0

And then there was the man who said “You look fatter with your clothes off” and like a fool I didn’t put them back on but climbed into his bed beneath the little Tibetan prayer […]


October 14, 2014 Deborah Landau 0

from LATE SUMMER * But we already did everything – Then it came on again and we were wearing it like the same dress a yellow one a little worn threadbare out of date lying […]

Phone Therapy and Other Poems

August 3, 2014 Ellen Bass 0

We’re delighted to feature in this issue four poems by the award-winning poet Ellen Bass. In the below bouquet of poems, Bass explores the experiences of witnessing and intervening in the lives of those around […]

Richard Siken

April 14, 2014 admin 0

We’re delighted to feature in this issue on trauma a single poem by the award-winning poet Richard Siken, whose first collection of poems Crush is an obsessive exploration of the subject. “Detail of the Fire” […]

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