Issue 20: The Millennial Mind: The Age of Entitlement or Enlightenment?

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Curated by Philip Jo and Andrew Erickson with Stanley Siegel

Designed by Lauren Allee


The world is always changing, a ceaseless flow of energy and information, discovered, harnessed and packaged in new forms from generation to generation. Out of the modernity of

the 1950’s, grew the radical 60’s, a generation of disillusioned long-haired “hippies” and their suburban facsimiles defending love, peace, and happiness against their parent’s values of hard work, decency and family solidarity. They had inherited the Vietnam War, steeped in political corruption along with a nation of racial, gender and sexual inequalities. They took to the streets and picket lines to protest these injustices. Still, the American Dream stood firm in the distance and many, with age, surrendered to its siren call, perhaps bringing with them a new idealism founded in their adolescent experiences, Still, they sought college educations, bought homes and took corporate jobs with good salaries and pension benefits. Yet, the unresolved conflicts and restlessness of their youth led to a kind of “schizoid” nation, the consequences of which have been left behind for millennials to navigate.


Millennials have inherited a world with a seriously ailing environment, corrupted economy, gold-embossed college diplomas with loans rising above $100,000, careers with few entry-level jobs, and a life of financial serfdom. The American Dream isn’t even the flickering image it was during their parent’s youth. Instead, it has disappeared completely.


Millennials have lived through the collapse of the housing market and the stock market crash of 2008, wiping out many of their parent’s savings and retirement investments along with the hope of ever owning a home. As fortunes crumbled, so did trust in the capitalist system as we learned about the mighty bankers and lenders whose greed and moral failures led to the economic train wreck. Where Baby Boomers took to the streets and sang “We shall overcome”, millennials cry out on the internet.  “You fucked up the world. We are taking over.”  Entitlement or Enlightenment?


Millennials have landed in the middle of a vortex, left to navigate their lives on their own with no roles models or maps to follow. This issue of Psychology Tomorrow Magazine, speaks to the dilemmas of this generation. The authors, many of them Millennials, examine how their contemporaries think, feel, and act in light of what they inherited. Some are paralyzed with anger and confusion, others are activated, choosing to travel the world, educate themselves online or start businesses with the same amount of money they might have spent on college. It is no surprise that one of the top selling books is, Choose Yourself.


We open this issue with an article titled, Millennial Entitlement, followed by a half dozen responses. They show us that there is no single millennial voice, but instead, a chorus of voices that represent the different understandings of current life dilemmas, and in some cases, creative resolutions to them.


Beyond the Millennial discourse, this issue introduces a new section to the magazine called SHIFT, a  self-development program with articles, podcasts, and videos that help you discover and create the life you want, a focus  that is quickly becoming a millennial “tradition.”

Enjoy, activate and participate in this new consciousness.


Stanley Siegel,Editor-in-Chief



Technology, Practice, Conscious Evolution

Let’s talk about the millennial mind: the new generations that we boomers are handing off the torch to. The heart and soul and mind of my work—whether it’s been dealing with addicts, their families and loved ones, or those of us who aren’t addicts but nevertheless suffer—has been transformation of...Read More »

Why We Are The Way We Are

Millennials get a lot of flack with negative stereotypes: privileged, demanding, lack focus, and spoiled. Of course, I call BS on all of these labels. We are the first generation to grow up in the Digital Age. Generations from now when people are studying how the first real digital evolution...Read More »

The Millennial Focus

Staying focused is incredibly difficult, and it’s getting even harder. I just got a new iPhone 6 because of the incredible amount of storage space it has, and holy smokes, there are so many apps that make photos into gifs and 3d landscapes, apps that ”improve” task management (ideally), and...Read More »

Millennial Entitlement

Not so long ago, the word entitlement was wrought with negative connotations and implied actions and attitudes outré to society’s values.  This word suggested unfairness, inequality, and unwarranted specialness in measuring the merit of an individual or group against everybody else.  It is a word we have heard often applied...Read More »

Hearing the Millennial Generation: Awakening to Global Positivism

A funny thing happened to me late in my career: I woke up one day and felt the spirit of our global future, and it exhilarated me! For over twenty-five years I had enjoyed a vibrant private practice, researching and writing books and articles on my discoveries and experiences.  Then,...Read More »

Perception vs Truth

The young man was at the end of his rope.
Seeing no way out, he dropped to his knees in prayer.
Lord, I can’t go on,” he said. I have too heavy a cross to bear”
The Lord replied. My son, if you can’t bear its weight, just place your...Read More »

Fixing the Frig-Id

When Nothing Goes Right, Go left: Short Survival Guide for Emotional Tempests

When heartbreak honks its horn at your front door, not opening it is extremely difficult, if not downright impossible. Be it a breakup, divorce, or death of a loved one, an emotional crisis is a vortex that can suck your heart and mind in, test the limits of your mental...Read More »

Three Secrets to Overcoming Pain and Discovering Your Deeper Self

Deepak Chopra and my Polish bubbee [grandmother] seem to have very little in common, but they both helped shape who I am today.


Deepak has dedicated his life to the healing of others through exploration of the mind body spirit connection and the nature of reality. Whereas, my bubbee survived the...Read More »