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Psychology Tomorrow Magazine promotes ground-breaking content related to psychology and its alternatives in all their complex and creative possibilities. To support our mission, we feature select advertising of interest to our global community.

Advertising Options

To put you in front of our substantial and growing audience, we now offer several advertising options; but hurry as each space is limited and they fill quickly:

1) Display Ad placed on (two month minimum)
a. $100/month for bottom banner placement
b. $150/month for side placement
c. $500/month premium banner on top of all pages across the website

2) Weekly mailer premium ad placement $200/week (2 week minimum)
a. Limited ad space dedicated to our 50,000 and growing weekly email list
b. Only two ads placed on our emails, giving each top-level exposure
c. Because this is a double opt-in list, these are focused and largely read emails. Your ads will get exceptional visibility by a dedicated audience

3) Commentary style ad via Social Media (over 300k subscribers)
a. Approx 8 posts to at least three networks (24 posts) over a 1-month period $500


Advertising: FAQ

How do I pay to have my ads placed in Psychology Tomorrow Magazine?

We have several advertising options to choose from.  Simply choose from the dropdown and pay with credit card through PayPal. If you’d like more details on each option, please contact us at Also don’t forget to send us your ad and link once you’ve paid:

Advertising Options

When will my ad be placed?

Once you’ve paid and submitted your ad to us, approval and placement typically occurs within 5 business days. We’ll do our best to communicate any anticipated delays beyond this timeframe.


What are the ad specifications?

any normal image format is fine (i.e. jpg, png, gif)

Bottom Banner Ads: 90 x 520

Sidebar Ads:  325 x 400

Top Banner Ads: 90 x 520

Email ads: Either 90 x 520 or a box-ad at 320 x 200

Social Media Ads: Varies. some are contextual only. We can also place images or videos.

ALL ADS: Be sure to include a link for the website/page you want your ad to point to.


Can Psychology Tomorrow Magazine create my ad for me?

Yes!  You will need to send the following to

-A tagline, 6-10 words
-An image (optional)
-A link

*There is a $60 artist/design fee


How long will the designer take to create my ad?

After reviewing everything with you, we will send you an ad for approval within 3-5 days. It will be posted soon after, pending final approval.


What exactly does the designer do?

The designer will create an ad that integrates the image(s) you provide (unless you need an image as well) and text (e.g. your tag line, slogan, quotation, copy). The design team ensures that your ad is both suited to your preferences and the audience of Psychology Tomorrow Magazine. After receiving your permission to post the ad, the final product is sent to our Editor-in-Chief for approval.


Why does the Editor-in-Chief need to approve the ad?

Although Psychology Tomorrow Magazine is open to a wide-ranging audience, we unfortunately do not promote services or products in a way that would undermine or distract from our overall mission.


Where is my ad placed? If my ad is placed on the sidebar of other articles within the magazine, is there an additional fee?

Your ad purchase includes exposure throughout the magazine. You do not need to pay per article to have your ad placed in multiple locations, as your ad will automatically be included in a rotation that displays all ads equally throughout all pages. ALL ads will have equal exposure.

For example, if you decide to budget $100 per month for a two-month period (the run of 1 issue of the magazine), and you utilize the assistance of our design team ($60), your total will be $260.


If you are looking to get listed as a practitioner with the Alternative Therapists Directory, please visit our Get Listed page.

 For all other advertising inquiries, contact:

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