Puppy Love

July 14, 2016 Editor 0

  Looking for love?Ditch the dating apps and get a pet. Pets help the busy and lonely form new and lasting relationships • 16% of full time workers start a new relationship whilst out with […]

Dr. Paul Dunion – Trouble With Taboo

October 9, 2015 Editor 1

All through history there have been shamans, medicine men, priests, witch doctors and mental health professionals deciding what is normal and what is taboo. There are times when we ascribe the description of taboo to […]

But Not Too Much

October 2, 2015 Editor 4

I must place my fingers just so. Curve them, but not too much. My wrists should be lower. For once, my back is straight enough but it is a bit too stiff because I am […]

Disordering Gender: Breaking the Transgender Taboo

October 2, 2015 Editor 4

What are therapists treating when they treat clients for “Gender Identity Disorder”? Both insurance companies and standards of care demand that therapists carefully diagnose patients who present ourselves as having gender identities at odds with […]

T.L Di Giacomo – Controlled Chaos

August 12, 2015 Editor 0

I remember being in the car, and suddenly feeling like I couldn’t get out. The entire world was crushing me. My skin was tingling, and a deep sense of nausea had settled itself into my […]

Mute About Money

June 8, 2015 Editor 0

Money competes quite well with sex for the position of the number one no-talk topic in our society. Friends, relatives and significant others typically do not speak openly about money. We can begin to understand […] […]

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