Michael Picucci, PhD – 18 to 35 Year-Olds Are Awakening

Only they can save the world and create a better future

I’ve been awakened by my experience, observations and research of the unique, fresh and lively hope that the Millennial generation, as they are often referred to, is offering the world. They are the largest, most well-educated, connected, and diverse generational cohort in history and they possess the creative power that can and will reshape the world as we know it. Paradoxically, many Millennials I work with are not fully aware of their potential as individuals and as a generation. They need acknowledgment and support in developing the skills and qualities that will prepare them to have the impact they are here to make. Without the benefit of clear goals and the ability to direct their attention accordingly, Millennials can easily get sidetracked and distracted by the multiplicity of stimuli and distractions. There now exist cutting-edge human technologies designed to provide Millennials with the capacities they need to be a force for positive change.

TR Colletta, "Dramedy"
TR Colletta, “Dramedy”

My experience informs me that this age cohort is transcending the linear definition of the label they’ve been given.

Over the next decade they will account for 75% of the American workforce and are the largest single cohort and energy collective ever. Millennials are the first generation of the 21st century, and the first generation ever, to know they are living in a world that is evolutionarily dysfunctional.

At the same time, they are confident, self-expressive, liberal, upbeat, and more open to change than previous generations. They are best equipped to turn the ‘world ship’ around as gracefully as possible.

These young adults are characterized as having greater ethnic and racial diversity than previous generations and are better educated than any other generation in American history. Most of them demand and expect a stimulating work environment with plenty of opportunities for creativity, self-expression and a great deal of personal freedom in self-directed work. They have a growing ability to discern where and how to contribute their gifts yet they are distrustful of traditional institutions while at the same time being more daring and optimistic about the future than older adults.

As I see it, each of us has the opportunity and responsibility to participate in re-imagining and reshaping the world we live in by empowering the generation of young adults coming of age in this decade. Psychology Tomorrow encourages sharing new learning and technology in this evolution and assists to clarify the choices in moving forward. It provides young adults with tools they can access and use to turn our world around in a good way. My own long-winding path as a practitioner has led me to realize the importance of offering Millennials the support and acknowledgement they need. They will be the ones to bring a more inclusive, equitable, and generative future. Personally and professionally, engaging them with new and emerging human collaborative technologies has been a wonderful gift and source of hope.

I’ve witnessed Millennials bring tremendous energy to progressive social change and conscious evolution. This makes intergenerational collaboration and co-creation an imperative of great significance. They are discovering their ‘generational calling’ and will engage new human technologies for deep transformation and graceful forward movement. They are determined to learn and have fun in the process.

New human technologies are endeavoring to support this generation in strengthening and cultivating:

– The emotional intelligence and courage needed to embark upon and follow an authentic, self-directed path in life,

– The ability to quickly shift attention and respond to rapidly changing circumstances creatively and constructively,

– The capacity to maintain focus, resist distraction, and direct primary attention to one thing at a time,

– The qualities required to engage in a process of deep reflection and creative problem-solving,

– The attributes and skills characteristic of generative entrepreneurs and visionaries,

– The capacity to collaborate in online and offline environments with peers as well as across generations,

– The ability to hold, resolve, and transform the many contradictions they embody as a generation and encounter in the world around them.

Another strength these young adults have to draw upon are the unique attributes they have developed by growing up in an interconnected world. They use their ability to multitask with efficiency and precision in order to achieve the professional outcomes that are important to them. They work and learn in a respectfully collaborative manner by tapping into collective intelligence and prefer to self-organize in support of social causes rather than joining established organizations. They expect and demand speed, trust, and transparency. They are evolving many other capacities at a groundbreaking pace in the history of our species. At the same time, many of them feel frustrated and disempowered by the physical and emotional realities they face on a daily basis.

I firmly believe that by making skillful use of the new cutting-edge human technology tools they can ease this path. An example of such a technology has emerged from Otto Scharmer’s MIT’s research and invigorating workshops, and his book Leading From the Emerging Future which inspired the Focalizing and Dynamic Linking technologies. The latter two were conceived and shaped with Otto’s help and important new languaging. There are other similar exciting technologies organically emerging now as I write this. In most of these technologies we learn to promptly suspend the everyday mind and access a timeless source of creative ideas, overwhelming life situations are transformed into opportunities for change and growth. These easy-to-use techniques support such transformation, restoring well-being, resilience and agency to those who use them.

All of us will benefit from the collective energy and creativity Millennials can access when given the opportunity to engage deeply and authentically in the process of their own evolution. It is our role as therapists and elders to ensure that they have the support they need in taking full ownership of their unique attributes and skills. They are already using these action qualities toward shaping a better future. We as a species and the planet will be in a much better place if we can help shape-shift the growth and development of this profound cultural energy.

Dr. Michael Picucci, PhD, MAC, SEP | Focalizing 

Dr. Picucci brings decades of investigation and experience to his practice of Psychotherapy, Focalizing and Consulting. His professional expertise spans a wide-range of disciplines as a psychologist, licensed psychotherapist, Master Addictions Counselor, Sexologist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Organizational Consultant.

Recipient of the National Institutes on Health “Outstanding Leadership in Research Award,” the last 30 years of Dr. Picucci’s exploration in Social Sciences, Organizational Development and Energy Psychology has focused on addictions, trauma healing, sexuality, and interpersonal and group dynamics. During this time he has been observing and creating rituals for sane, healthy living for individual clients, couples, groups and organizations. The story of this journey and his discoveries is told in Dr. Picucci’s books


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