Reconstructing Experience

Watch an interview with the artist on
Watch an interview with the artist on


born: 7. 3. 1979 in Lučenec
2000 –2006 – Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava,
departement Painting and New Media (Prof. Daniel Fischer)
2002 -University of Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, Great Britain
-Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest, Hungary

2005 – Artist in Residence, Museum Quartier, Vienna, Austria
2009 – Artist in Residence, Donumenta Regensburg,
Kunstler haus, Schwandorf, Germany

Artist Statement

Mira Gáberová freely chooses the media necessary for her work. She simultaneously engages in drawing, painting, object making, graffiti and installation. Yet some of her strongest means of expression are the mediums of video and digital technologies.

As early as during her studies she made a series of videos defining her special view of world. She creates poetic imagery full of emotional strain, beauty and even baroque pathos, as seen in her previous works Drama Forever, Pathos, 2006-8 and Une petit romance, 2008.

Her base motives are the body and world of woman, full of exaggeration, symbols and conventional clichés such as hair combing, closed eyes, white gloves, even veils, stockings and flowers.


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1. What interests motivate and inform your work?
Now I really like to think about thinking. Thinking as a creative process which forms our personality. I also hate to be in a state of doubt, but I love it in my work. The experimental level of my work is very important for me. I usually call my new pieces as first experiments or just working versions.

2. Who influenced or still influences your work? Whose work do you admire?
I have to say, especially in this time, that I do not have anybody whose work I admire. Answer for the question who influenced my work is simple. Everybody and everything, because even if we strive to remain individuals, we are constantly being influenced by every person in our surroundings or people we have met or each book we have read…..etc.

3. What’s a recent exhibit you went to which stood out, or who would you recommend seeing?
I like exhibition of Z. Baladran in Tranzit, Diploma project of Lucie Mičíková, Jaro Kyša`s exhibition at Space Gallery, Book with text works of Boris Ondreička and new photographs of Ivan Svoboda.