Shadow and Disbelief

“Immersion Into a Dream” by Viktor Safomkin | 2014, oil on canvas, 47 x 55 inches

I enjoyed drawing, as all children do. Understanding my surroundings was still far away, but there were smells and feelings, huge rats and headaches. It was another life strongly influenced by nature.

I had been watching and examining for a long, long time, before all of this shaped itself, after many years, into conviction and painting. It all surfaced from subconsciousness? In the mean time I finished secondary school and begun studying technical school, where I gained secondary education. It gave me nothing, and did not fill even a little area of my brain hemispheres. I was feeling useless. Rationalism and routine, however, would have finally suppressed the psychedelic fever and would have fed my minority complexes if it wasn’t for the striving of my subconsciousness– taking its roots in the childhood it bursted the frontiers of banality.

1990 was not only the year of sun eruptions, but also of my brain. My heart confessed to me and opened the gate of creativity. I crossed it, forever, without looking back, with no doubt, lost in a shadow and disbelief!


1997 – 2000: permanent exhibition in Prague, Czech Republic – “Jakubska” gallery

2003: Solo exhibition in Nicosia, Cyprus – residence of private collector

2003: Joint exhibition in Utrecht, Holland – “Paradijs” gallery

2004: Joint exhibition in Vienna, Austria – “Ernst Fuchs” gallery

2004: Joint exhibition in Going, Austria – Hotel Stanglwirt

2004: Joint exhibition in Riegersburg, Austria – Barockchloss

2004: Joint exhibition in Las Vegas, USA – “Morpheus” gallery

2005: Joint exhibition in Castle Voergaard, Denmark

2005: Joint exhibition in Paris, France – “Michelle Boulet” gallery

"Twilight of 17th” by Viktor Safonkina" | 2013, Oil on canvas, 47 x 55 inches

2005:  Joint exhibition in Regensburg, Germany – “Artaffair” gallery

2006: Joint exhibition Trophée Apocalypse Dore

2006: Joint exhibition in Le Mont-Dore, France

2006: Joint exhibition in Regensburg, Germahy – “Artaffair” gallery

2007: Joint exhibition in the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium

2007: Solo exhibition in Gruyeres, Museum H.R. Giger, Switzerland

2008: Joint exhibition in Berlin, Merry Karnowsky Gallery, Germany

2008: Joint exhibition in Dreamscape Exhibition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2008: Solo exhibition in Los Angeles, Merry Karnowsky Gallery, California, USA

2009: Artery – Miami, art-fair in Miami, USA

2010: Joint exhibition “Dreamscapes” in Amsterdam, Holland

2010: Joint exhibition “IPAX 2010” in Viechtach, Germany

2010: Joint exhibition “Tample of visions” in Los Angeles, California, USA.

2010: Joint exhibition “Metamorphosis” show, Copro Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA.

2010: Solo exhibition Hotel Mandarin Oriental in Geneve, Switzerland

2010: Solo exhibition Mimesis Gallery in Geneve, Switzerland.

2011: Solo exhibition in The State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia.

2012: Solo exhibition in the Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko National Museum of Arts, Ukraine.

2012: Solo exhibition in Heylshof Museum, Worms, Germany.

2013: Joint exhibition in the State Russian Museum, Saint Peterburg, Russia.