The Perpetrator

Most of my paintings are representational and abstract, quite unlike this group. I began painting them while in psychotherapy. The Perpetrator Series came about expectedly. One day I had the urge to paint from my suffering. The first was painted in 1982 while I was attending the Art Student’s League in New York City. Some students were shocked and wanted to know the title. All are untitled.

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Painting this series has helped clear the oppression  and suffering of my childhood.

The last one of the series was painted in 2005. Because the paintings are personal, only one painting, the blond girl with her side torn out, was shown in Taos, New Mexico in 1999. That is the painting that upset a woman for three days. I am happy to share these paintings now, because I have published my memoir, Hush Hush and Other Veneers. The paintings complement the book. I don’t explain my paintings but believe these speak for themselves.

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