The Physics of Resilience

April 14, 2014 admin 5

In 1684 Blankaart’s Physical Dictionary penned the first official record of the word trauma, defining it as, “a wound, or external bodily injury.” It would be another two hundred years before the advent of psychoanalysis […] […]

The Perpetrator

April 14, 2014 admin 1

Most of my paintings are representational and abstract, quite unlike this group. I began painting them while in psychotherapy. The Perpetrator Series came about expectedly. One day I had the urge to paint from my […] […]

Facing Ground Zero

April 14, 2014 Stanley Siegel 1

On the morning of September 11, 2001, Joey, my partner of 17 years, was standing at the window of our 48th floor apartment eating a bowl of cereal as he did each morning.We had taken […] […]

The Mask of Beauty

April 14, 2014 admin 1

In my earliest memory, I was laying heavily sedated on a hospital bed at three years old. In the four hours prior to that memory, my heart had been cut out from chest and my […] […]

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