The Meet Factory in Prague

View a video interview with Kit Resich on
View a video interview with Kit Resich on

“I see great advantages in having an opportunity to work in an entirely new culture, the greatest of which is one’s lack of personal significance or connection to that place.  The conceptual freedom that is a necessary product of such an experience allows room for experimentation with materials and ideas, a cornerstone of an inquisitive approach to making art.

“Recently my work has been focused on the shipping container as a metaphor for cultural assimilation.  As an American living in Prague, I am attempting to create work which uses my own experience as a foreigner as an immediate jumping-off point.  Dead Me is a simulacrum of my own body depicted as a casualty of the cultural shift which I found myself experiencing upon moving to the Czech Republic in 2009.  The figures are masked, lacking any identity other than one that the viewer might assign them, while existing both humorously and tragically isolated in space.”

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Cool White Wait – 2008

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Dead Me – 2010

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Way to Go – 2009

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I Will Never Leave You – 2010

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Microcosm – 2011


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