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There is incredible confusion in the area of emotional health concerning the nature and role of the mind, and there needs to be a deeper understanding of the role it plays in life itself. The mind is currently confused with the brain and the psyche (the spirit) in almost every area that addresses human behavior and well-being.

To sum up, it is fair to say that nowhere are there extant definitions that distinctly describe and separate the role and function of the three entities, Mind, Body and Spirit. Incidentally, the brain is simply a part of the body, a vital element of course, but nevertheless merely a part of the body.

Naomi Wanjiku Gakunga, "Ituika - Transformation"
Naomi Wanjiku Gakunga, “Ituika – Transformation”

I recently realized that the mind is the interface between the Being (psyche) and the material universe in which we play the game of life. I am still coming to terms with this momentous realization. I say momentous because its magnitude is of such incredible proportion and importance in the understanding of human life that it defies description. I can only repeat what I have said and written on many an occasion: Life is really very simple!

Causism’s practical component, the “Mace Energy Method,” educates new clients by using a procedure to demonstrate the Mind’s ability to create mental images of whatever a person has their attention on. The three major elements in the procedure are Apple, House and Motorcar, and they are spoken without any explanation of why they are being voiced. Incidentally, I selected them at random because of their commonplace existence and simplicity, but voicing the name of any other objects in a like manner will produce the same result.

Here is an excerpt from the training manual:

Close your eyes please. OK.

APPLE…………What color is it? OK. 

HOUSE…………What is it made of? OK.

MOTORCAR…………..What color is it? OK.

Open your eyes…….As soon as I put your attention on those three objects, your mind created a relevant mental image.  

Although I instituted that regimen when I first developed the Mace Energy Method procedure many years ago, the full ramifications of its importance apart from its practical value have only just been realized, hence this article.

I have for a long, long time promoted the fact that life is basically simple, and the discovery of the role and function of the mind is probably the ultimate simplicity in fully understanding its nature, function and purpose.

A salient point in understanding the simplistic nature of the mind is that like energy, it is invisible, totally subjective and devoid of objectivity. This understanding of the mind is of no therapeutic value in itself but nevertheless is a vital cog in a broader understanding of life itself and, in particular, emotional health.

An objective analysis of human life is long overdue, so a good starting point is the common expression: Mind, Body, Spirit.

Let us start with the Spirit. There are two other words in the English language which are associated with that entity, “Psyche” and “Being,” so that the words “Spirit,” “Psyche” and “Being” are synonymous. However, because of the body of knowledge named Causism, which is a scientific examination and evaluation of human life, a fourth expression has been coined to encompass the previous three, “Human Energy Unit.” In this article, for simplicity and brevity’s sake, I will use the nounal word “Being,” instead of the other terms.

The Being controls the bodily organism in which it resides, making all decisions as well storing and filing all related personal knowledge. It is this controlling unit that is referred to with the expressions “me” and “I” as in the statements, “When I decide,” “It is mine,” “It belongs to me,” and in the group sense, “It is ours.” As regards the storing of knowledge, it is appropriate to mention that the Being has an infinite capacity to do so.

Research has also uncovered an element attached to the Being that moderates or controls its decision-making ability and function. This element is also behind the vast array of personalities encountered in life. Because it is pure energy, like the mind, it is also invisible and totally subjective.

I have written much about identities and how they modify our behavior for both good and bad, but basically they are unknowingly acquired units of energy attached to each of us. The varieties that cause non-optimal, non-survival aspects of life, including non-optimum decisions, are called “Negative Identities.” The Mace Energy Method, which eliminates these identities, has an aptly coined mission statement: “To assist people to be in control of their lives and live their own dreams.”

To return to the main theme, the expression, “She is a brainy person” exemplifies the misunderstanding concerning the identity of the controlling unit in all our lives; it is certainly not the brain as that statement implies. The brain is simply the centre of the nervous system, nothing more and nothing less. It is no more important than the heart or the liver for instance, but is given exaggerated and false importance with sayings such as the above.

To sum up, the Mind is the interface between the Being and the material universe in which humans live and operate in the game of life. The Spirit, which has assumed considerable religious significance, is a word for “us”, or as explained above, the “I” and “Me”. The Body is the vehicle or tool we use in playing the game of life.

To conclude, I recently claimed that the research had been completed, and with that in mind (there is that misleading word again), all efforts were devoted to promoting Causism and the Mace Energy Method. However, I sincerely believe that the realization concerning the true nature of the mind is the final piece in the jigsaw puzzle of life.

To one and all, continue to enjoy the game.

John Mace | Mace Energy Method

“To assist people to be in control of their own life and live their own dreams.”