Bill Hayward and Psychology Tomorrow capture art and heart at New York Fashion Week 2014

NEW YORK CITY– Fashion Week isn’t just for high fashion designers or paper-thin models. As an alternative, Photographer Bill Hayward and Psychology Tomorrow Magazine captured the every day, beautiful citizens of New York City at Let Loose Your Fashion on opening night of Fashion Week.

Hayward’s pop up studio at the High Line Hotel was a vehicle for self-expression through mixed media and photography– PTM and Hayward provided the paper, paint and permission, and New Yorkers “let loose” their imaginations. People were challenged to explore their creative inclinations and put it into wearable form. Hayward then captured it to add into a collection he calls “portraits of the collaborative-self.”

Let Loose Your Fashion was an invitation for people to define themselves through contemplation and self-collaboration in a world that stifles authenticity and self-definition.

Among the glitz of Fashion Week, Hayward and PTM carved out a much needed space for reflection, creativity and self-expression.


“Given enough paint, paper and permission, there’s no telling where we might end up…” – Bill Hayward

 Hayward’s portraits from the event will be collected in a forthcoming issue of PTM.