Johan Lowie – Driven by Emotion

“I start out sketching ideas and work to a particular mood,
the mood of the story. In the course of the work
I’m eliminating unnecessary objects,
composition and capturing that mood
with a simplicity of imagery.”

"Crossroads" by Johan Lowie
“Crossroads” by Johan Lowie

“Johan Lowie’s work is about the world of thought, the inside world, rather than just a sensory experience. His two passions have always been art and the mind…. 

It is a private view of emotions. The tale of sorrow, happiness or euphoria. The theatre of life in a light of color and composition. The mood or experience overrules the technique. The emphasis is to relay the feeling with a simple composition rather than the obvious, sometimes lessen the figurative tales to more abstract forms, as long as the sensation reflects the original idea.”

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