Dr. Joseph Valks – The Future of Mind Control Technology

It is claimed that over the years the US government has developed a method of remote physical/neurological attack that employs no visible assailants or weaponry and leaves little if any physical evidence. There are even more outrageous claims that American citizens are suffering daily as targets of this no-touch torture program.

Stalking is a well known illegal pastime. Victims (targeted individuals or TI’s) may be followed on foot, or in vehicles, or suffer frightening telephone calls, as efforts are made to make them live in constant fear. Extreme stalkers may spread rumors, harass, or even enter homes illegally and although laws deal with this type of offense, legal prosecution is often difficult.

However, another possible form of stalking emerged in the 1980’s known as remote electronic stalking or remote electronic attacks (REA). Remote electronic attacks may cause the victim physical effects, neurological symptoms, or a combination of both. Current stalking laws do not cover this remote delivered electronic stalking, as it is not readily acknowledged.

Kim Keek Richardson, "Psychic Surgery"
Kim Keek Richardson, “Psychic Surgery”

It may seem the subject of science fiction, but some ex-military personnel have claimed that in recent years scientists have developed a method that actually ‘hooks’ to the brain of targeted individuals, allowing the attackers to perform a myriad of physical and neurological effects. This targeting is specific to the individual so that only the target can hear his attackers; thus if the target complains he is immediately diagnosed as schizophrenic, which is probably part of the attackers plan. Since there are no visible attackers, no known motive – complainants are considered delusional and any such attackers commit the perfect crime.

Synthetic telepathy, microwave hearing, or subliminal communication, is known as V2K voice-to-skull. The personnel claim, believe it or not, that the US government already possesses and utilizes the capability of projecting these voices through a neurological program termed Medusa. But, the most controversial claim of all is the EEG scanner, a machine not believed to exist other than inside a military thought mining and neural software program that is secretive and highly classified. The exact process of thought monitoring is unknown, but certain radio frequencies pick up natural frequencies of the human brain. It cannot only tell when victims are lying, but somehow can also determine what’s in their minds. Most likely this process of ‘reading thoughts’ was the product of many methods nabbed by the US government before patent.

The most common method of ‘hooking’ involves nano-microchips. Microchips can be the size of a mole and implanted under the skin with very short wires that serve as antennas. Microchips in the form of a tiny dart smaller than a human hair and less than an inch long can be shot into a target from a distance, which suggests it can be done without the target’s knowledge.

One explanation for the voices is they can be projected into a target using a microchip, then via the implant into the target’s nervous system, thus, circumventing his auditory canal. Shielding is useless.

Using the microchip I.D attackers can employ literally dozens of software programs of remote torture. The effects possible are numerous and impressive. Once hooked, torture follows the target wherever he goes, even abroad. Most of the software is programmable and can be scheduled to produce effects triggered at specific times, or by specific words, often heard on TV or during conversation.

All software used for neurological assault is reinforced by the attacker’s synthetic telepathy, or subliminal talking to the target’s sub-conscious mind. Victims report that they can inject images into a victim’s thoughts such as seeing Jesus, blank memories, or even affect one’s perception of physical appearance such as making the face look unusually old and haggard. Others maintain that attackers will sometimes say one word to the target’s brain, a topic they want them to think about, such as a food, or that they can make the target repeat thoughts as if they were their own. They can make them believe that someone is stealing from them, make them think friends, family, even birds on the roof are talking about them, inject guilt and humiliation, and influence their dreams. The result is that the targets are no longer able to distinguish their own thoughts from the attacker’s induced thoughts- the object being to achieve control over the person’s mind and actions.

The result is to isolate the target from society and convince him and others that he is crazy. The targeting not only directly affects the TI, but also the family and friends they are ostracized from.

Many of the diverse affects claimed by victims can be attributed to action on different areas of the brain. For example influencing the temporal lobes can cause mood swings and being frightened (but not knowing why). Influencing the hypothalamus can prevent eating by making peristalsis disordered.

A scan of recent patents shows, that all of the symptoms and effects of mind control are not only possible, but have been used for decades. Unknown and ‘black ops’ technology created within the military industrial complex obviously remain hidden. It suggests the ability to control the mental processes, attitudes, fears and perceptions of mass America is far more advanced than the average American believes. Of course, why a specific target should be chosen is subject to debate, but they may possibly represent a threat through knowledge, or otherwise, to a political, religious or military collective.

In conclusion, the advances in technology have blurred the distinction between ‘madness’ and what can reasonably be considered possible and hence the distinction between patient and victim. Both have identical symptoms. The difference is the cause. However, the important questions are: Is it possible to help a victim by prescribing medication and will allowing a patient to believe he is being targeted help him to cope with his illness?

Dr. Joe Valks

Joe recently helped develop the British Woodlands food webs educational simulation for Newbyte and is donating his share of The Last Tiger (available Amazon kindle) children’s fantasy novel profits to the Animals on the Edge conservation project.