The Consciousness Explorers Club Summer Events in Canada

The Consciousness Explorers Club

Meditate. Celebrate. Activate.

“I don’t do drugs. I am drugs.”
– Salvador Dali


So just like Salvador says, we are all drugs, surging and slumping, in love one minute and seething with revenge strategies the next. So it goes. You can get all scaredy cat about this and hide in your room, or you can own your various hormonal and chemical addictions and cultivate a few healthy new ones via practice-in-celebration. To that end, come ride life’s roller coaster with us through the long hot days of Summerland. Although our Monday night meditations are on hold for July and August (except for Monday July 19th – I’ll be at OG for a one-night only appearance, 7:45 – 9:30pm), we have two good parties coming up. First is on August 9 at Pouria’s Cafe Parmenar in the Market. Our team of 80% gymp-free DJs will be administering the musical selections as we welcome our long-lost CEC brother Mark Greenspan back from months of aimless peregrination. Dancing and thigh-slappin guffaws and community intrigue and all the drugs you can handle. Come anytime after 4pm.

The biggest news has to do with our upcoming Meditate, Celebrate, Activate Retreat at beautiful Sugar Ridge near Georgian Bay, in Midland. Sept 5th to Sept 8thIt’s going to be bananas. James and I have worked out a sweet program – I’m pasting in the rough schedule at the way bottom. I’m psyched because there is a serious meditation component – with long silences and a good amount of samurai-discipline – but there is a lot of freshness too, with the DJ classes and the activate sessions and the nighttime exploration of consciousness. The retreat is almost filled – and once we bore the pants off audiences at Wanderlust with our CEC advertorials, it’s a good bet the last few spots will be taken out of sympathy and/or morbid curiosity. So stop waffling and give us your money Exclamation Mark $425. Actually, we are doing the retreat at close to cost, so no one’s making shit. We do it for love – i.e., drugs. 1.5 hours from Toronto, carpooling available. You can register here. Do it.


Jiminy Cricket Zounds and Thunderation Exclamation Mark. Yes I had to manually type that – my dictation software does not do vintage cussin. THE CEC is HOMELESS. It seems as though our stay at the amazing Octopus Garden has come to an end, many thanks to Pat and Scott and all the good people at OG for their super generous support. But it’s time for the CEC strikes out on its own, trembling on our little fawn legs, all jittery from the caffeine. So: do YOU have any idea where we can go? We need sweet space we can lock in on the regular, for as free as possible Exclamation Mark Every Monday night from 7:45 to 10 PM. It would be excellent if they had chairs or cushions or something too. So I’m putting it out to my community: Help Exclamation Mark shake down your contacts and see what you can find. Otherwise we’re fucked. I already asked my buddy, GOD. Maybe you know him – he’s the non-personified creative force that just made reality is all. OK fine, he is reality, no need for the G-word. But anyway, if reality can’t help I’m going back to my atheist roots and will henceforth believe only in rocks.

Also: anyone out there with half decent design skills who can me a Photoshop retreat postcard? I have everything ready, just need someone to plug the text in front of the image and make it look not-stupid.

Last item: Wanderlust music and hot people festival. Come support us if you can and feel inadequate next to the insanely fit yoga ladies. Whistler is far but Tremblant is manageable. We are DJing a party there and our joint talk will force the hillbillies from their caves and bring down a rain of muskrats into all Lululemon yoga pants.

DETAILS: Whistler (July 31 – Aug 4) and Tremblant (August 21 – 24). In Whistler Jeff will be talking about    ‘How to Explore Consciousness,’ and James about ‘How to Help Others Without Hurting Yourself.’ In Tremblant we are teaming up to give a talk together and to throw a meditation-dance Soul Party on the beach.

That’s all for now. Please be patient if you register for the retreat and it takes a while to hear back from us. I’m decent at Meditate Celebrate Activate idea-creation, but I’m a crap administrator.


The Consciousness Explorers Club
~Meditate, Celebrate, Activate – A Summertime Retreat for Curious Explorers~
3PM – 5PM: Arrival
6PM – 7PM: Dinner
7PM – 7:30PM: Orientation Meditate, Celebrate, Activate
7:30PM – 9PM: The Way of the Consciousness Explorer
9PM – 10PM: BonfireSATURDAY Sept 67AM – 7:45AM: Silent Meditation
8AM – 9AM: Silent BreakfastMeditate
9AM – 10:30AM: Working with Inner Space
10:30 – 11AM: Walking Nature Meditation
11:15AM – 12PM: Silent Meditation and optional student practice interviews

12:30PM – 1:30PM: Silent Lunch – eating meditation
1:30PM – 4PM: Free Time, Nature Walks, optional student practice interviews
2:30PM – 3:45PM: Yoga Flow

4PM – 5:30PM: How to Help Others Without Hurting Yourself

6PM – 7PM: Silent Dinner
7PM – 7:45PM: Free Time

Celebrate (concurrent)
8PM – 9:30PM: Lucid Dreaming – Context and Practices OR
8PM – 9:30PM: DJ Lessons
9:30PM – 10PM: Slumber Party Set-up
10PM – 10:30PM – Lucid Dreaming Instruction (ALL)
10:30PM – 7AMSomnium Slumber Soundtrack


7AM – 8AM: Dream Debrief and Meditation
8AM – 9AM: Silent Breakfast

9AM – 10:30AM: Working with Outer Space
10:30 – 11AM: Walking Nature Meditation
11:15AM – 12PM: Silent Meditation, optional student practice interviews

12:30PM – 1:30PM: Silent Lunch
1:30PM – 4PM: Free Time, Nature Walks, optional student practice interviews
2:30PM – 3:45PM: Yoga Flow

4PM – 6PM: Individual Mission Activation and Community Support

6PM – 7PM: Dinner
7PM – 7:45: Free Time, New DJs Meet for Final Review and Party Prep

8PM – 11PM: Meditation and Dance Party

7AM – 7:45AM: Silent meditation
8AM – 9AM: Silent breakfast

9AM – 10:30AM: Working with Shooting Love From Your Eyeballs
10:30 – 11AM: Walking nature meditation
11:15AM – 12: Silent meditation

12:30-1:30PM: Very Loud Lunch
2PM – 3PM: Closing Ceremony, How to be a Conscious Explorer Redux