Crash Course in Urban Shamanism

September 7, 2015 Will Hall 0

Spiritual practice is not for everyone, but sometimes survivors of psychosis have a calling to discover the truth in the world’s mystical traditions. This essay summarizes some of the lessons I’ve learned exploring altered states. […]

How Zen Masters Die

December 24, 2014 Jeff Warren 4

Tell it to no one but the wise For most will mock it right away The truly living do I prize Those who long in flame to die.  . . . Distance cannot slow your […] […]

Rachel M. Walls – Poetic Healing

November 6, 2014 Editor 0

My first poem just sort of came to me. I had no idea, at the time, the impact it would have on my life. During a warm summer evening in Barcelona, I encountered a woman—the most […]

October Meditation Celebrations in Toronto

October 8, 2014 Editor 0

The Consciousness Explorers Club – October Events “You have to be somebody before you can be nobody.” – Jack Engler The Harvard psychotherapist and early science-of-meditation pioneer Jack Engler wrote those words over 25 years ago now, as an attempt […] […]

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