How Zen Masters Die

December 24, 2014 Jeff Warren 4

Tell it to no one but the wise For most will mock it right away The truly living do I prize Those who long in flame to die.  . . . Distance cannot slow your […] […]

DISCOurse, 2013—present

December 24, 2014 admin 0

In a mirror queerness can hide. Even with the advantage of a rear view, queer’s reflection may not necessarily appear queer. Unlike the way skin color, for example, is always revealed. What the ‘straight’ mirror […] […]

How Old Are You Really?

December 24, 2014 Stanley Siegel 2

Once, when I was visiting my daughter in Portland, Oregon, I boarded a street car on my way the Pearl District to visit an art gallery where I’d also planned to meet a friend. Anxious […] […]

Old Is New

December 24, 2014 admin 1

Forty-five years ago, my generation was involved in the Women’s Movement – in fact, we were the Women’s Movement. Now, in our sixties and seventies, we’re at the age when women typically have been seen […] […]

Defining Groundwork

December 24, 2014 admin 0

Among the many defining moments in my life, turning 40 has become the icing on the cake. I remember that turning 25 had scared me. That number plagued me with notions of adulthood. At that […] […]

The New 29

December 24, 2014 admin 0

What is it to be 29 right now? There are scores of articles that tell you how to be 29, but very few address what it actually means for you as an individual. And the […] […]

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