Karl Nicholason – Throwback: Illustrations in Psych Textbooks from the Late 60’s and Early 70’s


Can you guess which psychological theorem each drawing depicts?

Psychology Today: An Introduction, 1970
Psychology Today: An Introduction, 1970

The above drawing accompanied the textbook’s section on homosexuality.

Other interpretations are equally valid of course.

Abnormal Psychology Today, 1972
Abnormal Psychology Today, 1972 (Fig 5.8)

Fig 5.8: “One important aim of existential psychotherapy is to help the person assume responsibility for his own actions, because only through accepting responsibility can the client create meaning in his own life. Different existential therapists, however, may use totally different approaches; the label ‘existential’ represents a viewpoint, not a method. Frankl, for example, has developed the techniques of paradoxical intention and de-reflection, which… help the individual to ‘control his own chess board’ rather than being one of the pawns.”

Illustrations by Karl Nicholason | 50 Watts | http://bit.ly/ZfQMwK


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