Darian Leader – The Bipolar Explosion: Psychiatry Is At Last Asking The Right Questions

“Historians of psychiatry have all made the same observation: it was precisely when patents ran out on the big-selling tricyclic antidepressants in the mid-90s that bipolar suddenly became the recipient of Big Pharma marketing budgets. Websites helped people to diagnose themselves; articles and supplements appeared all referring to bipolar as if it were a fact; and nearly all of these were funded by the industry…

"Not Every Pills is Bitter" by Kelly Reemsten
“Not Every Pills is Bitter” by Kelly Reemsten

When swings from mania to depressive states are serious and acute, medication is often helpful; but the early long-term studies tended to agree that manic depression can get better and that many people who experience an episode or a few are not doomed to spend their lives in its thrall. It has been argued, indeed, that recovery rates in the pre-drug era were better than today.”

Darian Leader | The Guardian | http://bit.ly/ViGSfi