The Cuddler

May 31, 2014 Anonymous 1

Yes, I Paid a Woman to Cuddle With Me In my mind’s eye, I am backstage behind a curtain while Oprah tells her studio audience they are about to meet a man who paid a […] […]

Magdalena Bak-Maier, PhD – A Cosmic Dance

January 23, 2014 Editor 3

How the Mind and the World Around You Co-create the Wisdom You Need to Thrive Throughout centuries different cultures and tribes across all continents looked towards nature for wisdom and meaning and saw themselves as […]

Velleda C. Ceccoli, PhD – On Wounded Healers

July 26, 2013 Editor 8

As someone who teaches, supervises and works with fellow colleagues, analytic candidates, psychology graduate students and members of other healing professions I have found that often, many of us entered a healing profession because of […]

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