June 8, 2015 Cynthia Cruz 0

ON DURAS: THE WORD MD feeds her words into the machinery. She presses her self into the text: sweat, blood, excrement. It is a vile exercise. It is exquisite, this mysteriousness, this act of brute […] […]

Between High and Low

June 8, 2015 Editor 0

Laura Kikauka’s work acts against the coldly conceptual aesthetic that has reigned over modern and contemporary art since the late 1960’s. It is a return to sentimental forms, nostalgic feelings, and objects imbued with personality. […] […]

Shame Over Money Lost and Found

June 8, 2015 Editor 0

I have defined shame in the past as a word that “designate(s) a family of related emotions. Each member of the family is characterized by an experience of the self as inadequate, or at least […] […]

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