1 Comment on Prison Currency’s Glass Ceiling

  1. If I’m not mistaken, author did not refer to or site anything regarding GAMBLING… Which, in my experience was a LUCRATIVE way to earn. Also, no mention of “PRUNO”, OR JAILHOUSE WINE. This in cell concoction of Oranges,Apples, Sugar Packet s or Kool-Aide, some bread scraps(yeast kicker), a
    Combine in garbage bag(need 2) or plastic tub(available to store clothes, book, hygiene stuff under bunks), cook it(never let water into mixture), using near-boiling H2O (passed out/available @least 3×daily, w/in 3days its fermenting , less than a week you’ll have ALCOHOL,SPIRITS, JUNGLE JUICE, SANGRIA, ETC. I estimate mixes can reach alcohol levels of 10%-15%, but tolerance, setting, diet, state of mind, quality of PRUNO & other factors can make the “buzz” seem more or less… Now, imagine this: a wknd game of Texas Hold’Em, w/a table full of bored, gambling addicts, w/nothing to do but get drunk& risk it all, in hopes for the big score? FISH IN A BARREL. I once counted 6 packed full giant hefty’s under my bunk. Not a bad weeks work, & aside from a few hunger over, hungry inmates…the pod is no worse for the wear. It is imperative, to know limites, don’t clean out a inmates entire week of commissary, unless you’re certain there won’t be backlash. There’s always next week, & u can only skin a sheep once…this can be a long sustaining, highly profitable means, so best fleece the prisoners a bit at a time…& if you’re really smart…you always lose a bit back to’em…or outside of the game you can share a bag of ramen, or give’em a phone call if he needs to call home & his BOOKS(“bank” acct)y are empty.

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