Choreography of Tantra in Therapy

May 31, 2014 admin 0

The office doesn’t look quite like a regular therapist office. There are these interesting floor chairs in the corner of the room on a multi-colored tribal-looking rug. I smell something both sweet and musty at […] […]

Bertrand Russell – The Analysis of Mind

January 2, 2014 Editor 0

Excerpt from The Analysis of Mind (1921), Recent Criticisms of “Consciousness” There are certain occurrences which we are in the habit of calling “mental.” Among these we may take as typical BELIEVING and DESIRING. The exact definition […]

Here Come the Animals

May 10, 2013 Jeff Warren 0

Animal Consciousness and the Expansion of the Human Imagination by Jeff Warren “The imagination is not a source of deception and delusion, but a capacity to sense what you do not know, to intuit what […] […]

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