Dr. Joseph Valks – The Sneaky World of Thought Viruses

Thought viruses can have a strange power. Have you ever had a catchy jingle, phrase or song that seems to go round and round in your head, and you are unable to clear your head of it? This according to some experts is a thought virus, or meme. They usually start from a single source, but can spread to millions with varying effects. Some can be uplifting while others, dangerous and even destructive e.g. spread of Nazism during the 2nd world war. Richard Dawkins suggests memes propagate themselves from the initial source by passing from brain to brain, radiating from mind to mind, and persisting for long enough to be recognised as a meme.

As well as a person possessing a consciousness, he/she is also part of a group consciousness, a set of shared beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying source within a society. That person also possesses a personal subconscious and belongs to part of a collective unconscious which is of a universal and an impersonal nature to individuals in a group. Thought viruses can affect individuals and groups, at both the conscious and subconscious level.

"Seeds" by Olu Oguibe
“Seeds” by Olu Oguibe

People are open to suggestion, and if their conscious mind isn’t their subconscious could be. Just try keeping that jingle out of your head when you’re trying to go to sleep at night. If a meme is planted in somebody’s mind it acts like a parasite in the brain, staying there and replicating by being passed on to others. This can be among peers or passed from generation to generation. This is a form of brainwashing is part of everyday life beginning with myths, legends and religion, in childhood. (I’m not calling religion, just stating you tend to believe the one you’re brought up with). Some viruses are short lived while others pass from generation to generation and are more or less indestructible. If you have a meme in your head that needs removing, the first step towards a cure is accepting it for what it is and trying to be an individual and not a carbon copy.

Deep inside the subconscious are thoughts, emotions, and memories that centre on aspects of your life that according to Jung and Freud influence a person’s attitude and behaviour, which helps shape their personality. A core pattern of these emotions such as bitterness or fears organized around a common theme, such as status, is known as a complex. These can also be positive or negative resulting in good or bad consequences. Examples include attitudes towards the opposite sex and family members. Powerful complexes can impede or make impossible intentions of the conscious will, and noticeably affect the memory causing a state of compulsive thinking and acting. A master manipulator, whether good or evil, is able to recognise and affect these complexes in individuals or even sizable groups, through both actions and speech. It’s a kind of hypnotic character. In the case of Nazism Hitler was able to incite a crowd into a mass hysteria, to perform the unthinkable.

So let us now take a look at the darker side of thought viruses. To take a well documented example when a former member of the satanic church fell out with his leader, he was told, ‘I see you taking a revolver from the draw. I see you placing it to your head. I see you pulling the trigger.’

A few days later he blew his brains out. Was this the power of suggestion?

Let us take a closer look.

Was the man mentally ill?  – Probably not!

Could medication have helped him? – Possibly, or certainly have prolonged the time to his death!

Was he weak minded? – Exactly the same thing occurred with an entire country during the 2nd world war when the Nazis were infected by a madman to commit atrocities. It is ridiculous to think his mind was stronger than an entire nation!

I can’t explain exactly how it works, or the suffering involved, only it’s kind of like an obsessive compulsive disorder that ends in death. In the end the victim ends up in a sort of mind prison, this is an extremely painful form of complex. It occurs when someone’s mind becomes held, or trapped, in a hell-like situation inside their mind. They cannot free their mind form it, and it can cause acute trauma. It can even freeze the mind in time and place and distort memory to the state of hallucination. They might even become so desperate they take their own life. However, it’s best not to. Some people believe the consequence of suicide itself is a kind of mind prison. The shame and guilt of an individual that can’t let go, places them in a self imposed holding zone, with other negative beings that share the hell, before angels can return them to the source/God. Extreme forms of mind prison may be illustrated by science fiction, such as where the mind of a criminal is drawn and caged inside a prison box ‘room of infinite white nothingness.’

Mind control involves using systematic and unethical methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator which is to the detriment of those being manipulated.

Classic techniques are designed to breakdown a person’s mind by dehumanizing. Methods include psychological harassment, sensory deprivation, degradation and group social pressure. However, sneaky thought viruses are very underhand and can be introduced into society almost undetected. Take world domination via children’s writing for example!

The strange occult doings at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft, and also movies such as the Blair Witch Project, furthered by devil worshipping rock musicians such as ‘Cocaine’ Kurt and Marlyn Manson, could be spawning a collective consciousness (or sub consciousness) of Satanism. Are the dark arts masked inside literature, film and music affecting our kids? Interest in witchcraft is sky rocketing in children, many of whom believe the world of magic to be real compared to the ‘mundane’ bible’. Instead of Sunday school, they spend their weekends playing games taken from the book of spells, summoning four headed dogs, and other ‘imaginary?’ demons. Satanic churches, and cults like the Illuminati and Kabbalah Centre, have never been more en vogue. Children are very impressionable and books, movies and trendy music, surely are a magical way to turn them towards the macabre. Vulnerable as ever, 20% our kids in the UK will now have a mental health disorder in any given year. One in fifteen deliberately self harm, there are 24,000 suicide attempts made by 10 to 19 years olds in England and Wales each year, many are on drugs, and in places up to 1 in 20 have been sexually assaulted. The devil must really be laughing in his fiery hell.

Less pleased are Christian fundamentalists. To quote hebrew4christians.com, ‘Almighty God cannot be ‘conjured’ or treated as an object, since He is Master of the Universe and subject to no one. We do not need incantations or abracadabra to conjure up feelings to help us overcome the existential void that haunts us. We can trust in the love of our father in heaven as exemplified in the gracious sacrifice of His son for us. In the end we need to trust in Him as a small child trusts in the love of his father.’

This can understandably be extremely trying when the rest of world is attempting to steal your money, blow up your house and rape your sister. I guess that’s the nature of true faith.

Dr. Joe Valks

Joe recently helped develop the British Woodlands food webs educational simulation for Newbyte and is donating his share of The Last Tiger (available Amazon kindle) children’s fantasy novel profits to the Animals on the Edge conservation project.