Snigdha Gharami – Negative Thoughts Come from Negative Beliefs

We all grow within belief systems that our ancestors set in place for us. Naturally we might call them “superstitious.” Or they are false beliefs that do not help us grow. Our elders have a tendency to not accept what their little ones try to convince them of. Children are not always wrong. They have something new to teach us.

Had children not taught us to be like them, we would never have known that being child-like is a DIVINE-EMBRACE. We all need to start believing what makes us happy. This is what life wants from us.

To be happy. To be happy and to be happy.

"The Audacity of Nope" by Gonkar Gyatso
“The Audacity of Nope” by Gonkar Gyatso

Nothing in the universe is impossible. You can even fly. You do not need wings, you can grow them. Your belief that humans cannot have wings is a lack. False beliefs create a sense of absence that lead to negative thoughts.

The idea of “never changing” in life is a false belief- some people have a habit of not accepting changes, however, changes are good and it and should be embraced. We must undertake changes intentionally so that later when changes come on their own we should not feel bad. Many of us are so attached to the material things around us that we do not want to get rid of them. Change is inevitable and  everything will forcibly be changed by the universe at one time or another. Fear of change in one’s life leads many of us into depressions or other mental lack.

That we cannot admire what is good is a false belief- The belief that admiring something (even something good) will create a lack of self-control is false. You cannot lose your value by admiring someone else. Admire and see the goodness in others to find the good in you, too.

The belief that wealth and abundance will bring disgrace to god is false – god said that wealth is only bad if you use it to hurt someone or to steal someone else’s dream. Richness can come to you by simply being you. Be yourself, honest, and hardworking and wealth will come.

One way to escape limitations and false beliefs is to cherish yourself. Let others do whatever they want. Let people think what they believe and let yourself work positively to change your own belief system.

It is you who makes and breaks these patterns. Take a chance, live life your way because you only have one- this opportunity and this day will never come back.

Snigdha Gharami

First published on Snigdha’s blog, Believe in You, on August 22, 2013. Snigdha is pursuing her final year in Information Technology Engineering. Her interests include studying vanished civilizations and classical and metal music. She recently started an e-magazine called Ambience, about mind awareness, healing methods, tarot and oracle reading. Her dream is “to see my parents happy and proud of me.”

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