Radka Salcmannova

Radka Salcmannova  |  From the Series Above; 2010  |  photograph; 40″ x 34″

RADKA SALCMANNOVA: was born in 1986 in Prague CZ. She studied at the Institute of Art and Designin Prague; Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague; Academy of Fine Arts, Prague; School of Visual Arts in NYC.

RS: As a painter I’ve shied away from classical painting because the medium is not sufficient enough for me to express myself.  I have also studied sculpture at The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, and have significant experience with photography. My work  involves using all three mediums, often simultaneously.

Mixing different media allows me to transgress categories that traditionally defines a work of art.  The viewer is never quite certain of what she is seeing. There is always doubt. Photography looks like paint, the photograph’s object is sculptural. Paint resembles photography, and photography is a static-filled moment of video or motion. Every piece is a performance, a record of a moment as well.

I am especially interested is in transformational moments – short and limited – in which something is about to happen or just happened, though it’s often difficult to make sense of what exactly that is.  Sometime it feels  as if a subject’s spirit does not have a places to land, as if  the work  has captured it on it’s rebound.  Other times old unfinished stories mingle with new unfamiliar ones creating  parallel realities.  Whatever the narrative, I construct every detail  of the piece  giving it  internal coherence and integrity – it’s own truth.

The images of course are fiction, but not just their subjects. Because I am someone who constantly questions my own emotions,  my own reality, my intention is the challenge others to do the same.  Im my work  I hope to create an emotional experience that is unfamiliar to the viewer that cause her to consider what she feels. At the deepest level, what I create are works of emotional fiction.

From the Brooklyn Series, Space; 2011  |  Photograph, Sculpture

Tell Me The Truth; 2011 |  Photograph, Sculpture

From the Brooklyn Series, Space; 2011  |  Photograph

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