There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Different: Raising Awareness of Human Rights Violations in Russia and Ukraine


Eastern European pop artists, Alek Sandar (Issue 10, Masculinity – Sexuality and Identity: “Drawing Attention: An International Pop Star Poses Nude for Art Class“) and Andrea, are raising awareness of human rights violations in Russia and Ukraine, calling for peace and progress through their new music video, “Peaceful Place”:

“This song and video go out to our brothers and sisters in Ukraine who are deprived of their freedom of expression by law, to the LGBT community in Russia who are discriminated by law and to all other people who are still deprived of their Human Rights in the 21st Century. If we did this video in Russia, we would probably be in jail now. Our world needs to move forward, not backwards. It is time for a change!”

Say NO to Human Rights Violations! #peacefulplace

“Peaceful Place” is available to download for free:…