Wear and Tear, Touch and Feel

by Emily Langmade

Emily Langmade, "Touching Stones (2)"

I like watching the process of materials wearing away; what happens when they are touched and smoothed by people over time. I love the story and the tactile sensation of something that has been worn by contact, of an object that feels ‘nice.’ I want to share that feeling and bring it into focus, since it is so often overlooked an unnoticed. I am interested in bringing these subtle instances to light.

Justin wouldn't let me touch his belly button so I made my own 2012
“Justin wouldn’t let me touch his belly button so I made my own”
Emily Langmade, "Infections (2)"
“Infections (2)”
Emily Langmade, "Touching Stones (3)"
“Touching Stones (3)”
Emily Langmade, "Touching Stones"
“Touching Stones”
About Emily Langmade 1 Article
Emily Langmade was born in Arizona. She received her BFA in Illustration from the University of Arizona, and her MFA in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York. She currently resides in Brooklyn.