Interrogating Canvas

dominik schmitt - 2011 - winterflucht

Artist Statment

I am a 29 year old artist from the south west of Germany. I do paintings, animation-films, shortmovies, lyrics and sculptures. I study art for becoming a teacher, because I want to participate the feeling, that I found in doing paintings. I always wanted to occupy my mind with things that I am interested in, so I never wanted to become a painter who does portraits for money. Art is like a child for me. I want to feed it, but art shouldn’t feed me!

It’s about finding and questioning yourself on the canvas. I like to draw so I developed a special technique with papering the canvas with old drawings and stuff to get a very particular relief to start out with. I think the thing about my art is that it refers only to my own person and gives the viewers the possibility to think themselves into my position by a very open and mystic composition.

In my opinion art is a language which connects the producer with a recipient. To talk about art, we have to translate them into words, which cannot happen without mistakes! I don’t like to talk about what my art deals with because, if I did that, I wouldn’t had to paint them.

dominik schmitt - 2011 - tabula
“Tabula” – 2011

Psychology Tomorrow: What interests inform and inspire your artwork?

Dominik Schmitt: I am interested in what art is. What makes a painting good and what has all that to do with human behaviour. Why do we paint? Why is it so imoprtant and why are we not able to even describe what art is. It’s so amazing to discuss stuff like that refered to yourself, to your own thoughts, that it never released me since I was a little boy.

PTM: Who influenced or still influences your work? Whose work do you admire?

DS: There are several artists. Anselm Kiefer, Jan SvankmajerBosch, Daniel RichterEl Greco, etc… But I have to mention that I prefer the work of people I personally know because what fascinates me is propinquity between the artist and his work.

PTM: What’s a recent exhibit you went to which stood out, or who would you recommend seeing?

DS: I had an exhibition in Berlin last year and I love the flair of this big city. There is so much art and so many inspiring people that I would tell everybody to go there and visit the Hamburger Bahnhof and see the contemporary arts.

dominik schmitt - 2010 - die heilung


254680_154375144639363_1801343_ndominik schmitt / / living-way landau pfalz / / born 04th october 1983 in Neustadt on the wine road pfalz / / 1990-1994 grundschule lambrecht / / 1994-2004 käthe kollwitz-gymnasium Neustadt on the wine road pfalz statements general highschool / / since 2005 study teaching-landau koblenz-for real school at the university, campus landau in the visual arts fan from winter semester 2005/2006 biology from winter semester 2005/2006 educational sciences from winter semester 2005/2006 / / ART / / 1993 winner of the Germany-wide art competition “live sun is” / / 1996 winner of the children’s art Olympiad Neustadt on the wine road / contract work / since 2000 and portraits / / exhibitions since 2002 / / Since 2005, students from günther Berlejung / / 2007 winner of the Germany-wide art competition “researchers night” the university of Mainz / / 2007-2009 student of christian dost / / since 2008 of arts education projects in museums and art class at school / / 2009 even birth / / summer 2009 heinrich-of-rein-fellowship of the city wörth am rhein / / Fall 2009 winner of the Sponsorship young art of art friends Rhineland Palatinate ev / / september 2010 winner of the Germany-wide Förderpreis the villa böhm for young art / / october 2010 short film premiere “placenta” universe cinema landau / / november 2010 winner of the regional film art-Award of Lameko short film festival / / december / 2010 monthly winner of the international Förderpreis the gallery richter & masset munich / / april 2011 winner of the international year Förderpreis the gallery richter & masset munich / november 2012 working scholarship foundation merkel collection & Rhine Neckar delta


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