Christine Laquet

Christine Laquet’s varied practice spans the disciplines of photography, sculpture, installation, and performance, offering multiple conceptual frameworks in which to consider her stunning productions. A viewer coming to her work will find a bewildering array of techniques, approaches, and perspectives toward art making; but it is within this multifarious output that lies the astounding intelligence of this artist, who, at only age 35, has a bright career ahead.


Consider her sculptural installation, “A Brief History of Everything,” a set of steel reinforced bar gates that invites the viewer to walk in between and encounter the letters written there. Simultaneously whimsical and profound in tone, this pair of doors establishes a luring trap into the abandonment of language and signs. Having entered the gallery, the viewer is then brought into contact with her large acrylic and ink paintings of animals.

Entitled, “Ways of seeing (the wolf)/(the hind)/(the deer),” these monumental paintings are rendered spooky by the dark tonality of the animal skins set to the ambience of night. The paintings fit symbolically with her videos of wild animals caught on tape by her surveillance camera in the mountains of France.


In, “You Should Never Forget the Jungle,” a performance between Laquet and Robert Steijn, the artists embody an encounter between a hunter and deer, continuing the animal themes consistent in her work.


The deer is exuberant and alluring in its dance, leaving the hunter to question his vocation to slaughter such a vital animal. The performance between deer and hunter is only heightened by the fact that these are actual human beings playing the roles, inevitably thrusting the viewer into his or her own untimely dance with death and the ethics of human violence.




Through the use of different forms of expression including installation, painting, performance or video, Laquet questions the imagery of savagery, of what remains of contemporary beliefs for each of us and creates familiar bonds between the social sphere and ritual habits. Laquet’s philosophical and poetic approach results in works where tenderness and violence mingle closely.

"Hunting and Fishing" by Christine Laquet
“Hunting and Fishing” by Christine Laquet

Laquet’s work has been widely exhibited in France and abroad, with solo shows that include the FRAC des Pays-de-la-Loire; Gyeonggi Creation Center, Daebudo (Korea); Centre d’Art La Chapelle Jeanne d’Arc, Thouars; Centre d’art Le LAIT (Albi); MAMAM No Patio, Modern Art Museum Aloisio Magalhaes, Recife (Brazil), Bangkok University Gallery (BUG), Bangkok (Thailand); Chateau des Adhémar (Montélimar); Centre d’art contemporain de la Ferme du Buisson, Marne-La-Vallée, Zamek Culture Center (Poland), and others.

"If By Love possessed" by Christine Laquet
“If By Love Possessed” by Christine Laquet



C U R R I C U L U M  V I T A E


2001 Curatorial program Magasin School, National Centre for Contemporary Art, Grenoble (FR)

2000 Fine Art Master degree, Lyon National Art School (FR)

1999 Fine Art Master degree, ECAL -Lausanne Art School- (CH)

1994 Bachelor of social and economic sciences (FR)

Solo Exhibitions

2013 (Crises adjustments collapsed), I just collapsed, Flux Factory Gallery, L.I.C., New York (USA)

2012 Une brève histoire de tout, FRAC Pays de la Loire, Carquefou (FR)

AFIAC/Performance, Christine Laquet, Fiac (FR)

2011 Bruit qui pense, Gyeonggi Creation Center, Seoul (KR)

I see the sea and the sea sees me / Laurent Pernel, la Plate-Forme, Dunkerque (FR)

2010 Riviera, Centre d’Art La Chapelle Jeanne d’Arc, Thouars (FR)

La probabilité du ricochet, La Halle, Pont-En-Royan (FR)

Tri sélectif, public art project/ Laurent Pernel, P (comme palissades), Onyx, St Herblain (FR)

Nous n’irons plus-zo-bois, performance with O. Grandville, Chamarande Art Center (FR)

2009 Historias Conectadas / Stéphane Pauvret, MAMAM No Patio, Modern Art Museum Aloisio Magalhaes, Recife (BR)

2008 A meaningfull moment through a meaning(less) process, Galeria [ON] Gallery, Poznan (PL)

Soubresaut déplacé, Sycomore Art Gallery, Paris (FR)

2007 Nous nous sommes fortement influencés, L.A.I.T. Art Center, Bellevue school, Albi (FR)

Qui veut faire l’ange fait la bête, Bangkok University Gallery (BUG), Bangkok, (T)

2006 S.P.A., MAMAM, Museum of Contemporary Art Aloisio Magalhaes, Recife (BR)

2005 ... Parce qu’on m’apprend des choses que je sais pas, IUFM Gallery, Nantes (FR)

Group Shows

2013 Victory obsessed, Zamek Culture Center, Poznan, (PL)

ANYTHING anything, Flux Factory Gallery, Long Island City, NY (USA)

Carne Vale, Flux Factory Gallery, Long Island City, NY (USA)

2012 Réelles fictions, Art school Gallery, Cholet (FR)

Tout à voir #4, Le Cinématographe, Nantes (FR)

Into the space, Jeong Mun Kyu Museum, Ansan (KR)

Lodeur de la décomposition, French Institute, Vienna (AT)

2011 Oeuvre mode d’emploi, Galerie Michel Journiac, Paris (FR)

New Gasworks Pavilion, Poznan (PL)

Safari, Museum of Fine Arts, Nantes (FR)

2010 Frisbee, L’Atelier, Nantes (FR)

Open House, Entre-deux, la base d’Appui, Nantes (FR)

Sur la Terre comme au Ciel, Contemporary Art Center, Pontmain (FR)

2009 1 69 A2, Paris (FR)

Situation Limite, Ring Artothèque, l’Atelier, Nantes (FR)

Nouvelles acquisitions, Ring Artothèque, Nantes (FR)

Urban Ping Pong, Contemporary Art Center, Ivry – Galerie Fernand Léger (FR)

Mess is lore, Artothèque, Auxère (FR)

Volatiles, Croix-Baragnon Gallery, Toulouse (FR)

2008 Tool Box, Base d’appui Entre-Deux, Nantes (FR)

Zapping Unit, Ferme du Buisson Art Center, Marne-La-Vallée (FR)

Coquillages et crustacés, Musée des Arts Modestes, Sète (FR)

2007 Plus si affinité / Trans-rituel, Fiac (FR)

2006 Haiku Festival, Scopitone Festival, Nantes (FR)

Les faux diamants n’ôtent rien à la valeur des diamants fins, Rezé (FR) La Planck, Air de Paris Gallery, Paris (FR)

2005 Ipso-Facto Gallery, Nantes (FR)

Le Château des Adhémar, Contemporary Art Center, Montélimar (FR)

Rendez-Vous, Galerie des Terreaux, Résonnance, Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale (FR)

Haiku Festival, festival Scopitone, Nantes (FR)

New Generation, International Film Festival, Les Subsistances, Lyon (FR)

Marathon d’un film d’animation, IUFM de Nantes (FR)

Idéale Résidence Mobile, Chantier d’artistes, le lieu unique, Nantes (FR)

Draw!, Galerie du Jour, agnes b. Gallery, Paris (FR)

Transgressing Systems, Innsbruck (A)

2004 Vente à la criée du lot 49, Zoo Gallery, Nantes (FR) TRENCIN, Video festival (SK)

6ème Rencontre du Film et de la Vidéo, La Coopérative du cinéma, Nice (FR)

Boundless, Changdong Studio, Seoul (KR)

Artiste Bocage, Contemporary Art Center, Pontmain (FR)

Foro Artistico, Hannover (D)

Le château des destins croisés, Glassbox, Paris (FR)

Complètement à l’Ouest, Zoo Gallery, Nantes (FR)

2003 Ouvertures, Lyon (FR)

Shift, Video festival, Annecy (FR)

Happy End, La Caserne, Artistic Practices Center, Cergy Pontoise (FR)

Circu(s)lation, Zoo Gallery, Nantes (FR)


2013 6 months artist studio residency, Flux Factory, Long Island City, New York (USA) with the Regional Council of Pays de la Loire, Nantes City, and The French Institute

2012 New work Grant, Pays de la Loire Region (FR)

2011 3 months artist residency, Gyeonggi Creation Center (KR)

2010 Triangle Art Studio Workshop, artist residency, NYC (USA)

Figure imposée 10, artist residency and exhibition, Thouars (FR)

2009 Histoires Connectées, Recife, Brazil. Residency and exhibition in MAMAM, French Year in Brazil, supported byCulturesFrance, Ville de Nantes, DRAC Pays de la Loire

2008 DRAC Pays de la Loire grant (FR)

New work Grant, Pays de la Loire Region (FR)

2007 Art Omi Residency, New York (USA), grant by Drac Pays de la Loire, Nantes City, Cultures France

2006 Artist residency, Museum of Contemporary Art Aloisio Magalhaes (MAMAM), Recife (BR)

2005 Artist residency Moly-Sabata, Albert Gleizes Fondation, Museum of Contemporary Art of Lyon (FR)

Public Collection

National Found of Contemporary Art (FNAC), Paris (FR) Regional Fond of Contemporary Art (FRAC Pays de la Loire) Le Ring, Artothèque, Nantes (FR)

Various Projects

Since 2004 Contrechamp, Founder and curator of a cinema and visual art program called Contrechamp, Le Cinématographe, Nantes (FR)

2013 Public art work in a school (1%), St Mars-La-Jaille, Loire-Atlantique Department (FR)

2011 Finalist for a public art work (1%), Pré-Gauchet, Nantes, Loire-Atlantique (FR)

2010 Finalist for a public art work (1%), Bottière Chénaie, Nantes (FR)

2001 Digital Deviance, co-curator, Le Magasin, National Contemporary Art Center Grenoble (FR)


2012 You should never forget the jungle, a collaborative performance with Robert Steijn

Green Conversation, a collaborative performance with Robert Steijn, Frans Polstra and Robin Meyer, French Institut, Vienna (AU)

2010-12 Des oiseaux de passage, François Grippeau, Nantes (FR)

Dance Hole, research workshop with Boris Charmatz, Danse Museum, Rennes (FR)

Nous n’irons-plus-zo-bois, artistic collaboration with Olivia Grandville, Domaine de Chamarande (FR)

2004-05 Camping SauvageIdéal Résidence Mobile, François Grippeau, Lieu Unique, T.U., Nantes (FR)

2000 Sound composition for Denis Plassard choreography, Maison de La Danse, Lyon (FR)