Analysis is going crazy in a controlled environment: NYC Sept. 5, 2-4pm

Career anxiety? Cultural anxiety? In search for meaning or purpose? 

Join Psychology Tomorrow Magazine as we welcome to New York The Zurich Laboratory, a team of dynamic psychoanalysts, who take therapy beyond the couch into the bustling city streets of Europe. The purpose of POTS (Psychoanalysis on the Street) is to share, embody and enact psychoanalysis exploratory ethos in encounters with individuals from all walks of life in non-institutional settings such as cafés, art galleries and street corners from Berlin to Barcelona and beyond.

Come and engage with one of The Zurich Lab’s psychoanalytically informed counselors in a comfortable group setting.

(NYC Location to be announced)

 Friday, Sept. 5, 2014 at 2-4PM

Limited Space. Reserve now at


The Zurich Lab supports and implements initiatives that respond to contemporary social challenges by bringing psychoanalysis to the streets. We fire-start debates. We curate and publish psychoanalytically inspired writing. We engage with global culture with a view to promoting experiences of breadth and depth.

TZL helps individuals and organizations to acquire a more active and creative relationship with the deeper contexts in which they subsist and from which they operate. We assist our partners in identifying and transcending underlying conflicts that hinder healing and transformation.”

Listen to The Zurich Laboratory’s podcast about why it’s vital to take psychoanalysis into the streets.