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The interests of Tomáš Němec are wide-ranging: He loves films by Pasolini, Hitchcock and Tarantino, is enthusiastic about music, about Chopin and Callas as much as Blondie and Édith Piaf. And still, all these interests converge on a common aim – painting. It presents us with Piaf, makes her sing, pose and enjoy the audience‘s applause. Other pictures show everyday objects and scenes that capture his world like a diary: a crow, for example, in the middle of a letter case, and lots more which, in contrast to the theatrically charged scenes with Piaf, seem unspectacular and anecdotal. These are scenes which normally would hardly have been considered as likely to survive as art. Although Tomáš Němec creates the paintings themselves “classically” in oil on canvas, he does it in a way that often gives them the spontaneity of water colors. Yet they are just right for such fleeting impressions: a rose, a little dog, a plate or a tree in full, splendid blossom. (Hangar-7)




"Edith Piaf" by Tomáš Němec | 2010, Oil on Canvas, 20 x 20cmBorn April 30, 1986 in Poličce


2005: 2011 AVU v Prague, studio of Painting III – school of M. Rittsteina

2010: Utrecht School of the arts, Netherlands

Group Shows

2004: Gallery of Young, Brno

2005: Please apology for hight level of quality – Gallery Lužánky, Brno

2005: UMPRUM – AVU (Diviš – Rittstein),UMPRUM-AVU Prague

2006: Artkontakt, Gallery Vltavín, Prague

2007: Avu 18, NG Veletržní palác, Prague

2008: In the heaven – Lapidárium, Foundation Czech Barok, Prague

2008: Confrontation Arscontact 2008, Brno, Prague

2008: Students, Wortner House, České Budějovice

2008: GoodLuck – Galerie NOD/Roxy – Prague

2008: Gallery Naplavka, Prague

2009: Half, Gallery Via art Prague

2010: Artyčok TV – Art Fair, Galerie Meetfactory, Prague

2011: Ein Tanz, Hangart-7, Salzburg

2011: Diplomat works AVU 2011, Karlín Hall, Prague

2011: Dreilandereck mit Ausblick, Art Gallery Leipzig, Lipsko

2012: Zlín Salon of young  2012, House of Art,  Zlín

2012: Light and Shadow, Prague House, Bruxelles

2012: 12 years of painting III, Embassy of CZ , Vídeň

Solo exhibition

2008: White T- shirt,  Gallery 35m2, Prague

2009: Gallery in Museum Prostějovska, Prostějov

2010: Pictures , Gallery Greisen, Prague

2011: Figures, Art Gallery Leipzig, Lipsko

2011: The table from one guy, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague

2012: Painting in the room, Gallery in Church, Planá u Marianských Lázní

2012: Celebration, The Chemistry gallery, Prague

2012: Summer, Galerie Thomas Fuchs, Stuttgart,DE

Modrý pokoj (2012), 110 x 150cm



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