Why Women Lose Their Sex Drive

October 2, 2015 Alyssa Siegel 4

As a relationship counselor I work with individuals and couples on a number of sex and intimacy related issues. By far the most common one in monogamous partnership is a low or no sex relationship, […]

Lusty Ladies & Naughty Dogs

October 14, 2014 admin 0

In the arms of a fashion icon like Paris Hilton or Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, there’s no doubt that a well-dressed lapdog can be a charming fashion accessory. Yet older ladies who are inseparable […] […]

Chosen By God To Do Porn

May 30, 2014 admin 3

Exploring Porn Star Asa Akira’s Mysterious Need to Have Sex on Film   With her new memoir, “Insatiable,” author Asa Akira – arguably the biggest porn star in the world – has put pen to […] […]

Why I Abandoned Desire

September 7, 2013 Editor 12

  So, did sex happen? my friend asks over the phone. I relay a memory involving an old boyfriend from high school. Frozen, I have no idea what to say. Um, well. I breathe into […] […]