Smothered Art & Sexuality

April 14, 2014 admin 0

I think my dad is sexually disabled. In his late twenties, Dad gave up a world class oboe career to pursue the violin. His parents wanted a lawyer or a doctor but my father ate, […] […]

Enlightenment’s Evil Twin

January 28, 2014 Jeff Warren 0

Exploring the Shadow Side of Meditation In 1974 Hans Burgschmidt was sixteen years old, living in the Canadian Prairies, working in a photography studio darkroom, elbow-deep in chemicals all day long. “Is this what life […]


January 28, 2014 Adam A. Neal 0

“Fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking.” With each swear, the scissor blade hit my arms, but the pain never surfaced. I was already in too much pain for it to matter. “Fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking.” I cursed […] […]

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