The Cuddler

May 31, 2014 Anonymous 0

Yes, I Paid a Woman to Cuddle With Me In my mind’s eye, I am backstage behind a curtain while Oprah tells her studio audience they are about to meet a man who paid a […] […]

Magdalena Bak-Maier, PhD – A Cosmic Dance

January 23, 2014 Editor 0

How the Mind and the World Around You Co-create the Wisdom You Need to Thrive Throughout centuries different cultures and tribes across all continents looked towards nature for wisdom and meaning and saw themselves as […]

Snigdha Gharami – The Power of Words

December 9, 2013 Editor 0

If you knew the power of words, you would not use language to curse people because we are governed by the center of the universe. We are never judged as individuals in relation to others, instead, […]