Velleda C. Ceccoli, PhD – On Wounded Healers

July 26, 2013 Editor 0

As someone who teaches, supervises and works with fellow colleagues, analytic candidates, psychology graduate students and members of other healing professions I have found that often, many of us entered a healing profession because of […]

“The Boys”

May 10, 2013 Stanley Siegel 0

Robert lay staring into semi darkness as objects slowly bled in and out of focus, restless fragments of memory sculpted by moonlight that  filtered through the bedroom curtains. Not long ago, when he would awake […] […]

Another Side of the Story

August 22, 2012 Alyssa Siegel 0

As therapists, we are taught to form a collaboration with a client free from bias; to dispel our own values, beliefs, and opinions in order to meet a client where he/she is, and to simply learn […] […]

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