Defining Groundwork

December 24, 2014 admin 0

Among the many defining moments in my life, turning 40 has become the icing on the cake. I remember that turning 25 had scared me. That number plagued me with notions of adulthood. At that […] […]

The Healing Power of Fiction

August 3, 2014 admin 3

Interview with: Lucy Horner, author of Tolstoy Therapy: A Fiction Prescription Q: Your book, Tolstoy Therapy: A Fiction Prescription, is a beautiful narration of both your own and other people’s healing experiences through the technique […] […]

Rebecca Lee – Psychiatric Chart of Objects

March 19, 2014 Editor 5

Name: The Green Pen Discharge Diagnosis: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Opening and Closing Date: 8/23/13 – 1/13/14 Reason for Admission: Not able to work. When asked what happens if someone does not click his top, he simply states […]

Tracy Shawn – Why a Novel About Anxiety?

February 15, 2014 Editor 2

Years ago, I was sitting alongside other budding novelists in an ongoing writing class, rapt attention on the much-revered teacher. She asked each of us to share what our novels-in-progress were about. Trying to the […]

The Leisure Hours

November 26, 2013 Rick Whitaker 1

[Psychology Tomorrow Proudly Presents an Excerpt from Rick Whitaker’s An Honest Ghost] Introduction An Honest Ghost is a novel which evolved (over eight years) out of an Oulipo-style strict rule I set for myself at the […] […]