Modern Marvel: Neuroscience and Comic Art

Comic book art continues to infiltrate American popular culture on all fronts, from superhero movies to graphic novels! I’ve produced comic book-styled art for advertising agencies and their clients across the country, and editorially for national consumer and trade magazines. My backgrounds in illustration, graphic design, art direction and copywriting, combined with expertise in and enthusiasm for the comic book medium and its rich history The Silver Age of Comic Book Art, produces imagery that stands out from the crowd.

Arlen Shumer, "Dr. Strangebrain"

I was contacted by the art director of Duke’s alumni magazine to illustrate their article, “Modern Marvel,” about a neuroscientist who’s also a comic book fan! As the text reads, “Sometimes he calls upon Batman to help.

Arlen Shumer, "Video Srns"

In some DC Comics, he’ll tell his students, the Caped Crusader squares off against a villain named Amygdala, a giant, raging mass of muscle who slams, stomps, and storms through cities. Only Batman can still the menace.” Since I’ve been specializing my entire career as a commercial illustrator in translating sometimes complex, sometimes “dry” information into the comic book vernacular, in order to make it more easier—and fun—to read, it was a natural for me to translate four specific passages in the article into comic book-style illustrations!

Arlen Shumer, "Smart Models"

Arlen Shumer, "Amygdala"