Featured Practitioner : Julie Langton Smith MSc

Julie Langton Smith MSc

Experience and Current Practice

Julie is a Naturopathic doctor who combines Psychology, Psychotherapy, Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy with an overall approach to assessing the health of each individual. She has worked for more than 20 years specializing in natural health.

Julie’s approach to her treatments as a naturopath involve Bioresonance Therapy (digital health assessment) using a certified medical scanning device and offers test results for food intolerance’s, digestive system issues, vitamin deficiencies and full health testing using hair samples. Clients/patients are welcomed worldwide as all therapies are available as a remote service, non invasive hair sample testing and Skype counseling and safe clinical hypnotherapy.

The powerful connection between the mind and body provides a unique approach to the overall health of each individual therefore Julie wanted to further validate her work by doing a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies at the University of Northampton, UK. This allows for a more mindful, spiritual and human approach to health issues bringing in a deeper understanding of some of the underlying reasons for symptoms ranging from IBS, weight fluctuations, headaches, insomnia, cravings, back and joint pain. Having qualified as a psychotherapist she offers a choice of treatments with the aim of looking at both the physical symptoms and the mind/emotion connection involved in the symptomatology presented. Combining NLP coaching, psychotherapy/counseling and clinical hypnotherapy she is able to offer help with a range of issues ranging from anxiety, panic, phobias, bereavement, pet bereavement, addictions, family and relationship counseling, psychosomatic blocks to help with fertility, menopause and hormone balance, skin conditions and coaching for life and business changes.

She has also worked in HMP Lewes as a counselor and coach to help the rehabilitation of prisoners back into everyday life.

Having worked in Sussex for 20 years, Harley Street, London for 7 years, she is now in Littlehampton and has set up a private consulting room for clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy/counseling for individuals, group and business therapy sessions.  She heads the team for food, vitamin and general health testing using certified digital medical scanning equipment.

Background and Qualifications

Julie’s career started in healthcare in the late 1980’s with a little known therapy at the time called Neuro Linguistic programming, she continued her studies in Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology (function, structure and pathology of the human body), advanced training in sports physio and physical therapies, (physio at the Horsham Rugby club) then progressing onto complementary therapies such as Kinesiology and Nutrition and Diet, Bio Magnetic therapy, homeopathy and acupuncture.

Cert.NLP & Coaching, dip. A,P & Pathology, dip.Nutrition& Diet, dip.Sports & Electrotherapy, dip.Kinesiology, dip.Bioresonance Therapy (Advanced), dip.Clinical Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression, dip.Psychotherapy & Counseling, MSc Psychology (Transpersonal & Consciousness Mindfulness Studies)

Lectures and Articles and Training

Julie is an experienced practitioner who has lectured at the University of Westminster, Association for Fibromyalgia and the Association for Systematic Kinesiology.  She has been featured in Health Sections of Spirit & Destiny, Best Magazine, Body Language, BBC and author of ‘Slim Now with Fish’, a booklet sponsored by Nestle and what was known as The White Fish Authority in the 80’s.  Julie has also lectured in Anatomy/Physiology and Pathology as well as Nutrition and Diet offering accredited diplomas in these subjects.

Author of 9 audio titles – Hypnotherapy for Health which are available at Waterstones and as downloads. These offer specific sessions in a range of health subjects for Insomnia,(Sleep Talk Lullaby with Desree), You Tube views have reached more than 526,000. Other titles include Menopause, IBS, Anxiety, Terminal illness, Behavioral Issues, Smoking, Weight Loss and Heart Disease.


Sleeplessness or sleep disturbances are now being recognized as causing potential life threatening health symptoms.

“It is essential for the brain to rest so that the sub conscious part of the brain that affects and runs the automatic function of the body organs such as the digestive system, heart rate, hormone control, circulation and so on can rest and restore so it can regenerate fresh energy to the healthy function of these organs. Therefore sleep is essential to this process and just having a rest with your eyes closed will not benefit you in the same way.” Says Julie Langton Smith MSc who has worked for years in natural health and has written and narrated her sleep hypnosis video and audio sessions.

“I have found it the most effective, safe and natural way to help people to get to sleep”Julie’s sleep hypnosis video on You Tube and has now had more than 500,000 views and is one of the top videos on sleep to be watched.”it really has helped so many people to sleep who have then downloaded the audio version which is longer”. The downloads/cd’s include spoken word by Julie and lullaby by Des’ree, ‘Sleep Talk Lullaby’, available as audio download ”

Listen to her podcast HERE and be soothed by the lullaby. Please don’t listen while you’re driving!