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Gamaliel Rodriguez (b. 1977 Bayamon, Puerto Rico) obtained an MA in Visual Arts at the Kent Institute of Art and Design in Kent and the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 2011. His recent exhitions include, Solo Projects, ARCO, Madrid; Focus Latinoamerica. DA2 Domus Artium 2002, Salamanca and The End of History… and The Return of History Painting, Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem.

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The Alternate Identity
The Alternate Identity


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1. What are some of the overarching themes of your work? 

My work deals with the study of images themselves, the rhetoric of images, as Roland Barthes explains. For me the notion of expression resides in the ability to re-interpret the images that I use to create another message.

2. Why do you choose painting as a medium?

I still believe in the medium of painting as a commentator, as an interesting medium that can strike you by something that is realistic or in an abstract form. Painting is  a non-reproductive method that present the artists feelings once.

3. What interests inform and inspire your work?

I try to analyze themes with my work. I select a topic and investigate it. Once I get some images that will help to present a topic in visual form I go directly into the process of painting. And there are some elements of the medium like the preparation of the surface or the selection of the color which fascinate me also.

4. Who or what influenced or still influences your work? Whose work do you admire?

I think Francisco Goya, Gustave Courbet, Gerhard Ritcher are all influences … but also history, news etc. It is not a direct or indirect influence but I really admire the vocabulary that they create, the message that they elaborate within the medium itself. They have so much faith in their mediums.

5. What’s a recent exhibit you went to which stood out, or you would recommend seeing?

I think the Gutai Movement in the Guggenheim because they were so advanced and yet  forgotten by history for a while. The problem with history is that it shows you only half of the information and in history books it is the same. Now with the globalized art world, the forgotten things will be shining again.

The Indoor Smuggling
The Indoor Smuggling


2011. Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, Maine.
2005. Master in Fine Arts Kent Institute of Art and Design – Kent, England UK.
2004. Bachelor in Communications in Visual Arts University of Sacred Heart – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Awards and Residencies

2013. International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) NYC.
2012. National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, MacDowell Colony. NH
2012. FUTURA Centre for Contemporary Art International Residency Program, Prague.
2012.  Art OMI International Residency Program. Ghent NY
2012. The Leon Levy Foundation Grant
2012. The MacDowell Fellowship
2012. Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant
2011. The UBS Prize, Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico.
2011. The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture Scholarship
2010. Triangle Arts Association International Artists Workshop Program. Brooklyn,New York City.

Solo Exhibitions

2013. “Fallout” Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico.San Juan Puero Rico (Upcoming).
2012. Solo Projects-ARCO Madrid: Focus Latinoamerica. ARCO Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo. Madrid. Spain
2010 PINTA London 2010. Solo project comisariado por Pablo León de la Barra. Londres, Inglaterra.
2009. The concepts of Fuel & Full. Galería Espacio Mínimo. Madrid, España
2009. SOLO Projects. CIRCA Puerto Rico’09. The International Art Fair in the Caribbean. San Juan, Puerto Rico
2007. Copy / Paste. Solo show at The Storehouse Group – La Casa del Arte. San Juan, Puerto Rico
2007. From my Position. Solo Show at Sandbekkstua arranged by Raelingen Arts Society (Raelingen Kunstforening) Raelingen, Norway

Group Exhibitions

2012. “Dark Flow Lurking” David Castillo Gallery, Miami.
2012. “Pasiones contemporáneas: arte americano, europeo y latinoamericano de la colección Serapión y Belk”. Museo de Arte de Ponce. Ponce, Puerto Rico.
2012. “Interconexiones: Lecturas curatoriales de la Colección Permanente”. Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. San Juan, Puerto Rico.
2011. “Does not migrate” Group show. Triangle Association. Brooklyn, New York.
2011. DA2 Domus Artium 2002 Salamanca (Group show). Spain.
2011. The Drawing Room Biennial Fundraiser 2011. The Drawing Room. London.
2011. “The End of History… and The Return of History Painting”. Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem (MMKA). Arnhem, The Netherlands.
2011. ARCO 30 Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo. Madrid. Spain
2010. ZONA MACO. Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo Mexico. Mexico D.F
2009. “NOSTÀLGIA DE FUTUR. HOMENATGE A RENAU” Centre del Carme, Valencia. España.
2008. “En sus marcas…” Show of contemporary puertorrican painters. Curated by Rebecca Noriega- Costas. Sala de las Artes. Universidad del Sagrado Corazón. San Juan, Puerto Rico.
2008. “Papel/ciudad: escenas citadinas, relatos verídicos y fantásticos. Museo de Arte de Caguas. Caguas, Puerto Rico.
2008. “Event Horizon”.curated by Jennifer Schmidt the Project Space Gallery, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA.
2007. “VI Salon del Dibujo”. Museo del Dibujo Contemporaneo. Museum of Modern Art Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic.
2007. “Political & Poetical”. 14th Tallinn Print Triennial. Kumu Kunstimuuseum. Tallinn, Estonia.
2007. “The Dams 2.” The International Contemporary group show. Sala de las Artes. Universidad del Sagrado Corazon. San Juan, Puerto Rico.
2007. ART LOS ANGELES. The New Los Angeles International Contemporary Art Fair. Los Ángeles, California. USA.
2006 Muestra Nacional de Artes Plásticas 2005-2006. Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña. National Selected Group Show , San Juan Puerto Rico.
2006. “Polverio – Collective”. An emerging artist group show at Luis Munos Rivera Park. San Juan, Puerto Rico.
2006. “La Gran Feria de Marzo” Group Show at =DESTO. A Projects Art Space, San Juan, Puerto Rico
2005. Latitude: MA final Show, University for the Creative Arts. Kent, England.


MFA Museum of Fine Art Boston. United States.
Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico MAPR
Comunidad de Murcia. Murcia, Spain.

Literature & Reviews

2009. Octubre, Periodico Publico España. “Un bolígrafo para meter miedo” review by ISABEL REPISO.
2009. Septiembre, periódico El cultural España, Sección Arte. Gamaliel Rodríguez. Review by Abel H. POZUELO.
2009. Septiembre, Diario ABC España, section ABCD. “Energía Bélica” review by Fernando Castro-Flóres.
2008. Eleven Eleven Magazine. Literature and art Journal based at California College of the Arts. Dec. 12
2007. Artnexus Magazine. Issue 66 Review by Manuel Alvarez Lezama.
2007. Agosto, El Vocero. Escenario. “Obras maestras boricuas a Florencia y Estonia
2007. Rotund World web magazine. :”Gamaliel Rodríguez-Ayala opened an exhibition of superrealist-stylepaintings…
2007. Mayo, Primera Hora. Cooltura. jueves, 10 de mayo de 2007. “Armado conarte”.
2007. Marzo, Primera Hora. Cooltura. jueves, 15 de marzo de 2007. “El lenguaje universal de Gamaliel”.
2006. Agosto, El Vocero. Escenario. 10 de agosto del 2006. “Obras emergentes de prácticas contemporáneas”.
2006. Rotund World web

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The unbelievable technologies in the service of different forces
The unbelievable technologies in the service of different forces

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The Church of Anxiety
The Church of Anxiety



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