Porn Lied To Me

May 30, 2014 admin 3

Porn and Co-dependency Porn and I go way back. It started out as an innocent flirtation, a schoolboy’s first crush. But it didn’t stay that way.  At some point, porn and I started lying to […] […]

Smothered Art & Sexuality

April 14, 2014 admin 2

I think my dad is sexually disabled. In his late twenties, Dad gave up a world class oboe career to pursue the violin. His parents wanted a lawyer or a doctor but my father ate, […] […]

From the Couch

November 26, 2013 Anonymous 2

Let’s start at the beginning. Now that it’s typed, that reads like a cliché, but when faced with writer’s block, it’s as good a place as any to start. That’s the lesson — just start. You […] […]

Why I Abandoned Desire

September 7, 2013 Editor 12

  So, did sex happen? my friend asks over the phone. I relay a memory involving an old boyfriend from high school. Frozen, I have no idea what to say. Um, well. I breathe into […] […]

The Old Country

January 7, 2013 Anonymous 9

Family habits are hard to quit. Cycles move through us and are passed down; we all carry our own portion of psychological damage, the inherited limitations that shape our existence. Our individual share of what […] […]

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