About Kay K. Tacke
Kay K. Tacke is the Founder of LIFT: Life In Full Tilt Life Coaching Practice. Her mission is to elevate folks up with: one on one coaching, workshops and writing stories. Why? Because story telling and coaching has the ability to joyously alter lives and she wants in on That feeling of positively impacting lives. When she was 10 she spent the summer interviewing and writing about her father's fellow legal associates. To pass the time, she played Office with a mocked up newspaper reporting the days events at 17th and R in Dupont Circle, D.C. Her fascination with the copy machine and discovering the tilt side to someone's tale ignited her passion for words and wonder into peoples' stories. A Life In Full Tilt for Kay includes: Hiking, mamma-ing her three teens: (one is off Lifting himself up at University), two Juniors in High School (yes twins), and a dog named, Clemens, ballet, tucking in with a book, napping, making soup, interviewing folks that have lifting stories to share, eavesdropping and collecting stories starters from unsuspecting inspirations. Most days are pretty darn joyful in the land of Lift.

Fixing the Frig-Id

September 8, 2016 Kay K. Tacke 0

[smartslider3 slider=11] Shelved for nearly two decades in the icebox, I recently made the bold escape to warmer climaxes. The cumulative build up of no build up wore heavy upon my psyche and other vital […]