About Dr. Anya
Anya Trahan (“Dr. Anya”) is a Reiki Master, spiritual teacher, relationship coach, and writer. She holds a PhD in English and is the author of the book Opening Love: Intentional Relationships & the Evolution of Consciousness, as well as the memblog Being Lovers. Anya founded Polyamory Bowling Green, a support and discussion group serving polyamorous people in Ohio. Anya’s teachings center on the cultivation of deep, meaningful connection between beings, through the gradual dissolution of the perceived boundary between “self” and “other.” This sense of connection is achieved through various practices of silence, touch, and dialogue. Courage, too, is a necessary component for sensing connection—so Anya teaches practical ways to embrace the inherent fear that usually accompanies such practices. In Sanskrit, Anya means “inexhaustibility.” The name serves as a linguistic symbol of her life’s intention: to serve as an inexhaustible comfort for all beings, as they heal and evolve. Anya travels in the United States and internationally. She teaches workshops, meets privately with seekers, and is also available via phone/Skype for spiritual guidance, relationship coaching, and Reiki training. Please visit Purple Mornings Reiki to learn more. You can also connect with her on Facebook or by email at anyatrahan@gmail.com