About Cory Zilisch
Cory Zilisch is a psychotherapist and educator from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has a particular interest in examining how the omnipresence of technology is impacting interpersonal relationships, self-identification, and psychopathology. As a student of both psychology and philosophy, Cory conceptualizes human nature as a fluid construct, which is shaped by a multitude of shifting internal and external pressures. Through his work with others and ongoing theoretical development, he hopes to contribute to our understanding of the human condition and encourage all to flourish through a relentless pursuit of the possibilities.

Millennial Entitlement

September 22, 2016 Cory Zilisch 0

Not so long ago, the word entitlement was wrought with negative connotations and implied actions and attitudes outré to society’s values.  This word suggested unfairness, inequality, and unwarranted specialness in measuring the merit of an […]